Updated: 08/31/2010 19:10
Hyip Monitor

Today we want to tell you a little story about such program as PerfectMoney ( This HYIP drew everyone's attention from the first days of its existence because of its name (we all know about payment processor PerfectMoney).

So, the program has been paying without problems (therefore had had a PAYING status in our monitor) and it still does but the status has been changed to ON HOLD. Well, now you might have a question “WHY?”

As you remember we have recently posted news about PerfectMoney and its new VIP Plan: Even though there were no problems with payouts and everything was great, we found such offer quite suspicious and warned you about this project. We said “you should think twice whether to invest in it or not”

But then we started receiving alerts from our readers and therefore decided to check PerfectMoney. And we realized that they really started having problems. So we decided to change program's status to ON HOLD, even though it was paying us. We are not sure, but the administration of this project might be making selective payouts, so that monitors would not know about problems with payments. But we are a real-time monitor and we actively correspond with our readers, therefore we can't be fooled by such thing as “selective payouts”. And we have received two more mails from our readers regarding today.

Here is the first mail:

I invested $50... Withdrawal PENDING more than 4 days”

And here is the second one:

“perfect money does not pay me since Aug 28,they keep withdrawal requests pending for few hours ,than they cancel it,that is why it will take you some time to figure it out.”

It is clear that is closing and we thank our readers for these reports. It is unlikely that they will get their money back, but we must warn everyone who hasn't invested money yet. DO NOT INVEST!

We will keep a track of events and inform you about new information.

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