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Short-term HYIPs, meaning those that pay on expiry are always a minefield. Some programs of such kind might work for up to three months

Short-term HYIPs, meaning those that pay on expiry are always a minefield. Some programs of such kind might work for up to three months and some might close after 5 days. We have written a lot about it, for example last year, after the epic with BestInv BestInv soon will be out

I want to remind that absolutely undistinguished project called BestInv which lasted for several months, had brought many investors a substantial profit and spawned a wave of projects called whatever you like, but most importantly with three letters INV in their names. After the success of BestInv, all subsequent projects of this type closed after working for several weeks. Only rarely they worked for about a month. But on average for no longer than two or three rounds of payments.

I then suggested that this process was a plan, which just began with the successful and unprecedented long project, which simply formed the trust for the programs of this type. After that it was possible to open lots of similar projects and to gather as much money as possible. And that's what actually happened.

Now the situation is quite steady and projects operating on such principles are fairly stable. They make payments for about 5 cycles, which in general makes their work predictable enough to reduce risks to acceptable levels. The only deplorable case is FinalEarn, which stopped paying not having worked for two weeks (meaning two circles of the longest plan).

It is important to understand the terminology. Short-term HYIPs are programs that do not work for a long time, but they do pay a few rounds (that is enough to make a profit). Middle-term HYIPs operate during an average term. Long-term HYIPs clearly work during a long term. Programs paying on expiry are not the short-term ones on default. However, if the minimum cycle is shorter than 7 days, then feel free to refer them to short-term HYIPs. This means that the program will not work long enough for you to relax. There are a couple of examples of such projects operating for more than three months now. They are primarily TopEarnMoney (, Island Investment ( and an unknown project called PDF Investment Company ( UniqueFund ( can be also called one of them (they offer 130% after 8 days). But you will not find more programs of this type. In this case, if the criterion is reduced to a period of 2 months, the number of programs will not increase. Maybe you will see a few examples more but that will be 2-3 programs maximum. But what if we look at projects of this type, which have been online for less than a month?

Here you are:,,, (its term of return is 12 hours (!)), Of course, which has recently joined our catalog and actively promoting should be also named among these projects. Do not forget about which has risen from the dead. So you can easily find more than 10 of such investment opportunities.

I think I do not need to conclude for you. You should invest in such projects using "hit-and-run" strategy or in some other way, but knowing that the project will be closed anyway after a certain number of rounds. And investing after each round of payments is similar to buying and selling shares. You can think about pros and cons for a long time but anyway make a mistake. But it must be thought over very carefully. And as I said you should do this on each round of payments.

Yes, and more. While using these tips, do not forget that sometimes HYIPs offer their clients test plans which may differ from the rest of their plans and might not really show that the project is related to the described type.

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