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Today we have decided to write an article about different types of fraud in HYIP world. Such a decision was made after recent event. As you know, HYIP...

Today we have decided to write an article about different types of fraud in HYIP world. Such a decision was made after recent event.

As you know, HYIP world is very risky and of course, main risks come from high-yield investment projects. When you invest in such programs, you understand that it is a virtual game and you might lose your money. We wrote a lot about different types of HYIPs, about their life-time and gave advices on the best strategies of investing. For example, you can read here:

But there are many ways to cheat investors except actually HYIPs and we want to tell you about such examples. We have received two warnings from GlobalTradeManagers ( and MutualTreaty ( They have sent us mails informing that some people have been sending out information using their projects' names. We asked them to forward those mails and noticed an interesting thing. You probably know about a way of making some extra money which some dishonest HYIPs' admins use. They sell database of their investors to fraudsters who then use them to steal investors' money. For example, they start sending out mails with unique offers pretending to be the admins of the programs you invested in.

We will describe it on the example of GTM and MutualTreaty. So, you are an investor of, let's say GTM. You invested your money, you have a good profit because the program is honest and paying out without delays. You receive mails informing about project's news from time to time. And one day you receive another mail from the team of GTM. This time it is about special offer: GET 150% IN JUST 3 DAYS! So, GTM informs that they have just received a great offer from traders, therefore decided to surprise investors by offering a super profit. But the offer is short-term and deposits can be made only during 24 hours with the minimum deposit of $100 and the maximum deposit of $200,000. The payouts will be made 3 days later and they are GUARANTEED!

LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts are provided in the mail (for your convenience of course :)) Well, I think the offer is really great and why not to make an investment? GTM always pays out and it for sure will pay out this time. So that's how some investors might make a deposit. But you should say STOP after the question : “why not to make an investment?”! Because the mail is fake and it is not from GTM! You should never believe such phishy mails and if you really want to make an investment, you need to make a couple of step first:

  1. Go to project's website and check if such offer is there
  2. If it is not, a mail has clearly come from scammers. In that case inform the administration of the project about this. They will surely appreciate if you do so.
  3. If it is on the site, contact the administration or support service anyway before making a deposit to make sure it is operating okay and the offer is real. The funny thing is that both mails pretending to be from GlobalTradeManagers and MutualTreaty are absolutely identical. The only difference is the name of the project which sent the mail but the text is the same. Personally I find it funny. Fraudsters seem to be lazy nowadays ;) In such way they have reduced the number of potential investors in their virtual offer because if I am an investor of both GTM and MutualTreaty, of course I will see that they are the same and therefore not real.

So, we are warning you again. Be careful and don't help scammers to steal your money!

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