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Stoura Investment Inc was established in 2006 and appeared online on July 2010 as the separate investment platform

Stoura Investment Inc was established in 2006 and appeared online on July 2010 as the separate investment platform. The legal address of the company is registered in Phoenix, US. As for the line of business, it's concerned with high revenue structures rationalization by means of investment level tools, they also claim to be involved in bond and cash management. The project is presented on the majority of the main HYIP monitors with paying status but not on the highest positions yet. Alexa shows the rate at 130K.

There are two large packages of plans, which differ in terms. Each of them includes five plans. The Plans differ according to the interest rates and minimum amount of investment. The first package, which is 'Daily', lasts for 150 business days and offers daily interest payouts. The interest rate starts from 1.2% with highest rate at 2.4% daily.

The second is 'Weekly' lasting for a period of 30 weeks with weekly payouts. The minimum offer is 7.2% weekly and the mother lode of 14.5% per week. In both 'Weekly' and 'Daily' you may start-up with only $10 or go to the expense of investing $50K in the most profitable of plans. The maximum sum is not limited. All plans are with option of compounding and with the same deposit cancellation fee of 30% from the total.

As far as Stoura does not have a dedicated server, it comes out in a long-lasting loading time, the site also seems to be pretty 'heavy'. The script been used is not unique. From the first sight it looks pretty nice customized, but with a bit complicated menu and quite small font size. Even if you try to zoom in, fonts will still remain vague. It is protected by DDoS, but without SSL encryption. You can choose between Phone or Email in order to get in touch with the staff of Stoura. Live support is available only as icon, unlike the interesting affiliate program offering 7% commission from your referral's purchase of an investment fund shares and 7% commission on your referral's investment into the account. The investment can be made via Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money.

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