Updated: 09/01/2010 14:38
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The official update that Vodapex ( vodapex.com ) has sent out today is replete with unclarity and uncertainty. What is clear is that they have...

The official update that Vodapex (vodapex.com) has sent out today is replete with unclarity and uncertainty. What is clear is that they have disabled the ability to automatically withdraw funds (auto withdraw) and that it will soon be enabled again. It is reported about some tests that affect server capacity but details are not given. It only says: "We are doing some more test as it involves multiple servers to ensure absolute security." What absolute security is and what it will be expressed in is ignored.

There is a promise in the newsletter to inform about the time when automatic withdrawals will be enabled: "I will let you know when the auto withdrawal is finally ready in the next few hours", but nothing has been fixed so far. Probably it takes time to establish absolute security.

According to a report received from a blogger Paul Abramson, Vodapex is trying to solve problems that have emerged in their API. It seems that the issue is really about how to protect the processes associated with the API. Of course, this is a noble and right task but such unclear updates could scare off all investors.

Of course we tried to contact the administration as we always do in such cases and we have already received a response:

“Auto withdrawal should be ready again within 2 hours. We are still testing and it's almost done.
You can test withdrawing in 2 hours.”

So, let's wait. There are currently no problems with payouts and vodapex.com seems to not be affected by temporary difficulties with automatic payments, therefore we suppose there is no real scam alert yet.

UPDATE (02/09/2010): Auto withdrawals now active again.

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