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We have news about HYIP that has recently appeared in our HYIP world. It is SignalTraders ( It has sent out a newsletter...

Offline Chat We have news about HYIP that has recently appeared in our HYIP world. It is Signal-Traders ( It has sent out a newsletter informing about their success and other information.

Firstly, it is announced that yesterday was project's second day online and it had already gained 110 people and most of those who joined are active investors. Secondly, Signal-Traders started adding HYIP monitors and has bought banners from all of them. They are also starting a massive campaign of forum support. You can see more than 20 forums on their “rate us” page and Signal-Traders's staff is reported to be active and providing support on all of them. The administration promises to add new forums every day and of course asks all investors to post payment proofs every time they receive a withdraw.

It is also informed that you can ask all your questions in Live Chat which is claimed to be online for about 10 hours a day. And we have found on forums admin's invitation to go to live chat if someone has questions, however, we it wasn't “live” when we checked it and contacted the administration to find out about chat's working hours and now we are waiting for reply.

This is really just offline form

Signal-Traders offers two types of plans. First group of plans are with principal back and with interest ranging from 2% to 3% daily and second group (with principal included) offers 4% and 3%. Three payment processors are accepted and they are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay. Wire Transfer is also available.

Please leave your comments and information about this HYIP on our forum. It will help us and other investors.

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