Updated: 09/02/2010 12:14
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Todays news is about another language expansion. We wrote about OilStructure before:

Todays news is about another language expansion. We wrote about OilStructure before: and here we told you about more innovations from OilStructure:

And now Stoura Investment Inc ( presents some innovations regarding different languages. We have received a newsletter informing that Support Service is now available in 5 different languages! And they are Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and Italian. So now, if you have questions you can ask them by phone or via email in your own language.

The phone numbers and email addresses can be found on Support Center page. Investors and visitors of can use lots of options to contact the staff of the project. There is a support phone number (London), personal accounts services phone numbers (US), email address and mail address for English speakers and 5 more email addresses for the speakers of above mentioned languages. However there are no phone numbers for German and Italian-speakers yet.

The administration of Stoura asks investors not to ask question regarding problems with site or with payments. You can contact only if you have business questions.

Seems like projects started realizing that they can attract much more investors by adding those investors' native languages.

To find out more information about Stoura, read our short review which we published yesterday:

Please leave your comments on this innovation and Stoura project on our forum.

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