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We have written two news regarding OnlineMDT ( project quite recently. The first one can be read here and the second one here

We have written two news regarding OnlineMDT ( project quite recently. The first one can be read here and the second one here. The essence of this story can be briefly told as follows. OnlineMDT was spotted by our radar a few weeks ago. We tried to contact the administration but nothing happened. Then they started reporting problems with accounts that were changing in unpredictable ways. We immediately issued a warning, because HYIPs can easily manipulate the payouts in such way and delay them "for technical reasons." And then from bad to worse. OnlineMDT made a new statement shortly: allegedly passed a username and a password of to the third person!

September 1 was the last time when the administrator of wrote to his investors. The report was about a bonus which was raised to 10% starting from the beginning of September. That's it. Today it became known that the constant changes of LR, which periodically occurred in this HYIP, are no longer tracked. Meaning investors reported that they had some strange LR numbers but they were not changed to the real ones.

It was absolutely clear to us that OnlineMDT was about to close and it was a matter of time when it would actually happen. Treating such acts indifferently is the same as quietly allow a card-sharper to change cards under your nose. The whole story with DDoSWIZ is no more than a colorful dramatization which was possibly organized because of some internal disagreements in the team of Kyle, the owner of provided us with all details of this situation and we did not see anything that could seriously affect the work of OnlineMDT or to stop it. As well as we didn't notice that unprofessional work of DDoSWIZ staff, which the administrator of OnlineMDT talked about. We will tell you in detail about this next week but now I can only assure you that this statement was no more than a game.

And some news about Pickash ( Jasper, our Advertising Sales Manager, has suggested an amusing sentence today: Pickash - they picked your cash and packed their bags. We were just about to take a closer look at this short-term pay on expiry HYIP when it closed. We have read records which were inspired by their successes just recently but today the story is over. At first they replaced rating sings and put the fake ones and then completely disappeared. There are some rumors that the reason for the closure of this project was the blocking of their account by AlertPay but I think that after two rounds (each of them lasted for 5 days) with a pure profit of 50% it was okay for you not to continue. And if you continued investing it means you lost 50% of pure profit, if, of course you were not using compounding. Actually, I have recently published some tips for working with similar projects:

Add another one: Never compound in short-term pay on expiry.

P.S. By the way, has a similar problem with the change of accounts now. The administrator assured me that there is nothing to worry about and there is no danger that can not be held. I haven't managed to find out the reason why accounts are changing but I do not think that Forexica can be regarded as a normal program from now on.

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