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Hello, our dear readers!
So, fall has officially come. And HYIP world is waking up too. There have been many interesting news during this week and we shared them all with you. And now let's sum them up.

Two short reviews have been published this week. We have analyzed InWolton: Short Review of Inwolton and such HYIP as Stoura Investment: Stoura Investment Short Review. We hope it was interesting for you to read and you found out something new about these HYIPs.

There have been some educational publications as usual. We gave some advices on how to become a good online investor in this article: How to Become Good Online HYIP Investor and explained you the difference between HYIPs and the specifics of working with short-term pay on expiry HYIPs: Working With Shortterm Pay on Expiry HYIPs

Our Chief Editor has been so inspired by one video he saw and by dealing with some admins that decided to express all his thoughts in his article :) I find it very interesting and you should definitely read it too: Why HYIP Admins Must Have Money

We also have another Video Review for you as usual. This time it is about very popular project OrbisTrends. So, take a cup of coffee, get comfortable and enjoy :) VIDEO REVIEW OF OrbisTrends
There are two projects that have introduced some innovations this week. FenixTrust has Telephone Support in English and Spanish now: FenixTrust Telephone Support

And Stoura Investment has pleased its clients by adding Telephone Support and Email Support in 5! different languages: Stoura Investment Innovations

Orbis Trends - Smarter Profits
0.5% - 3.47% daily with trading

As you probably know, such HYIP as 144CashAds has quite complex system of investing. So we tried to make it more simple for you and to explain this mechanism: 144CashAds Complex System

But unfortunately, not all news are good, which is actually a usual thing for HYIP world. This week we have received warnings from two HYIPs: GlobalTradeManagers and MutualTreaty. Someone has sent out phishing mails under their names: Scam Offers Under Name of GTM and MutualTreaty

We also have to warn you about some projects. Two news have been published about OnlineMDT this week and in both of thew we informed that this project will not bring any good to its investors. At first it had some problems with LibertyReserve accounts, so we warned to stay away from it because we found it suspicious: Unsuccessful Contact With OnlineMDT Then it started having more problems and this time it was about DDoSWiZ, so we warned to stay away and that warning was a 100% true: Never Invest in Such Projects So what do you think? Of course, it is already closed. Do NOT invest in OnlineMDT!

And stay away from PerfectMoney.us! Find out more about this project here: PerfectMoneyus Going Away as Predicted

And more news about HYIPs with problems. There are some problems between Acke World and payment processor PerfectMoney. AckeWorld's PM account is currently blocked by PM and is under investigation: Acke World and PerfectMoney Problems The reasons of this investigation and the results will be posted later.

We also informed about Vodapex problems with withdrawals: Vodapex Withdrawal Problems but it has been already solved therefore there is no need to worry for now.

Signal-traders has problems with Live Support. Even though they claim it works, we haven't been able to see it working on their site and we got no reply to our mail: Signal Traders Is Not Live

And I am especially happy to inform you about our project's news because they are really great!

First. From this week, this month, this fall WE ARE A NEWSPAPER! It has long been clear and obvious that we are more than a HYIP monitor. Since 2004 we have been making those things that no one else has and in fact we have brought journalism as such in our industry. The time to define has come. Monitoring service, of course, will continue existing and developing. We even intend to create a few more catalogs with other options of profitable moneymaking online.

However, a newspaper is the main and the most important term in our project from now on. We've been writing a lot of information which has been unpleasant for clients of our monitor and advertisers. And there will be more from now on. Being aware of the financial risks, we still believe that the qualitative projects that will yield a profit to our readers are not afraid of criticism and will yield us this profit as well. Because a reader is the main person we are concerned about.

Second. We cleared our forum and put most threads in order yesterday. So now you can complain and report the problem here. Discuss the news here. Ask your questions to our professionals here.

Third. We have changed the main page of our advertisement shop. You, our readers can see that our resource takes a special place in the industry and see what we offer to our clients. This is nothing more than informing. Some images show that our influence and capabilities have enabled some swindlers to receive additional attention. We realize it and do not want to hide our mistakes. The greater abilities we have to promote the greater abilities we have to destroy and prevent dangers. Risk is an inherent condition of high income and any reader should be ready for this. There will soon be only dead projects and history on these images. And this is also our reality that we are not going to hide.

We believe that those investors who understand this are the only ones who are ready and can make money here. Therefore they are the only ones who are able to realize that our income depends on YOUR success.

And this is just the beginning...

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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We do everything for your success.
HYIPNews.com Team

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