Updated: 09/09/2010 18:27
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WebMoney is a popular payment system from Russia. It is rarely used in the field of high-yield investments, primarily because of its diligent attempts to obtain legal status. For example, it is officially forbidden to exchange LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney to WebMoney due to the fact that these ecurrencies are associated with illegal activities, such as gambling, pornography and money laundering. I want to clarify that they are associated to those activities according "to the official position of WebMoney", because in fact these three worst evils of virtual finance can be attributed to anything. In general, WebMoney prohibits even the direct exchange of LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney to WM, so what can we say about the use of this currency directly by the participants of a "shadow" market? But here you are, Forex Company Online ( has recently offered investors the option of investing using WebMoney.

They have reported this in the official newsletter, which is now written in Russian and English languages. We publish the English version of their letter for you:

“ We inform our inverters that company Forex Company Online has begun we will accept WM cards webmoney from 10 $ and reception of usual currency webmoney from 100WMZ. For reception of more detailed information address in online a chat or through the feedback form. “

I don't actually understand why they would use it because it is not popular at all among the general public of HYIPs. But considering the fact that Forex Company Online has recently added Russian language, the answer is clear: for the Russian audience. It is unknown yet how many Russian investors has but it is a fact.

Now we are preparing a small publication in which we will tell about "Russian" HYIPs. It appears that should be the first one in this list,, which does not hide its origin will be the second, of course. It seems to us that it is useful to analyze the situation with Russian HYIPs in the world of today's HYIP industry. It seems that the fears and concerns about this matter are being scattered these days.


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