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It appears that events occurring within the site and the activities of Lea Gao can be confidently put into a separate type of news, and a...

FlaxTalk logoIt appears that events occurring within the site and the activities of Lea Gao can be confidently put into a separate type of news, and a separate group of events. Today I am pleased to address this topic and I want to begin with the main point: LionsSociety has added interest, which is 2.51% this week.

Last week, the payout interest was somewhat lower. I saw a comment that a growing interest rate shows the success of HYPER Compounding strategy but I do not agree with it. Of course, the project is growing and developing. But it is too early to judge how much it has achieved. After all, there have been payments in the amount of 3%. A thread has appeared on our LionsSociety forum in which you will be able to track the amount of weekly payouts. I think the picture will be clear after a while. Now everything is stable and successful.

Ukrainian HYI project has recently hit in the sphere of FlaxTalk influence . Last Monday (09/06/2010) Alex, the co-founder of the uInvest project was present in the regular chat, where he received a lot of questions about his project. Of course, they were mostly about the level of truth in statements that can be found at So it is all about the evidence. To be honest, I do not think that this makes sense and that those evidence which the administrator has prepared provide some confidence in the future. At long last, you should not think that HYIP is the same as real investments. But we'll talk about it later, as well as about the project called

The last event was the appearance of two more videos in the activities of AMF Limited. Again, I do not understand why they would shoot all those farms and trips. Private Diamond Fund also filmed a lot of videos as well as XagaEnterprise. I have never noticed business projects starting business from the shooting video. I would like to know the numbers and calculations of this project. Tish is quite a frank administrator and he differs from many administrators because he actively participates in communications, so this should not be a problem. And for now, nevertheless, I am posting links to two new videos:

  • Trip to the farm
  • Next Project

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