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Hello, our dear readers! Today we all are in a great mood, so I think we should start with good news that have happened during the week.

So, we have been informed about a new fund at Inwolton.com and their advertising campaign: New Fund and Ad Campaign of Inwolton

As well as Myinvestmentarea.com has introduced new plans: Myinvestmentarea New Plans

GlobalTradeManagers.com has first investors who have broken even and making a good profit now: Congratulations From GTM

It seems like the administration of ForexCompanyOnline.com has decided to gain as many Russian investors as possible. Firstly they added Russian language on their site: Forex Company Online Adds Russian and LiqPay and then they added a Russian payment system and started sending out newsletters in Russian : Forex Company Online Enters Russian Market

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Fxeconomy.com and FiboTradePro.com have introduced some changes in their lists of payment processors: Changes in Lists of Payment Processors

The administrator of WorldPrivateFunds.com has explained how his Plans work because it is a bit difficult to understand that system at first : Investment Plans of WorldPrivateFunds

And some educational information (as usual) with our advices on how to become a better investor and not to lose your money: Managing Risks of Online HYIP Investing We hope that our articles help you and you are more experienced investors now ;)

our Chief Editor has expressed his thoughts on LibertyReserve's new rules regarding its Anti Money Laundering Rules. I found it really interesting: Anti Money Laundering Rules of Liberty Reserve

If you still don't know about such program as Compax Trade, you should definitely read our short review of this HYIP: Compax Trade Short Review

 And the last good news is about FlaxTalk and all activities and projects related to it: News Around Flaxtalk Community

Of course, we don't live in Wonderland and therefore there are some bad news as usual.

Onlinemdt.com, Pickash.com, Forexica.com: Death of OnlineMDT and Another Shortterm Pay on Expiry HYIP

UniquePay.net, Tourfunds.com, Vintech-inc.com: Scam Warnings about UniquePay TourFunds and Vintech

Signal-traders.com and Avanishtrade.com: Signal Traders and Avanishtrade are Unavailable

We want you to notice that some of above mentioned programs are still operating and even maybe still paying some investors but they have too many problems, therefore we can't recommend you investing in them. So stay away from these HYIPs!

This week was remarkable for the industry because of the active dialogue about such issue as: whether a HYIP can be a source of money for real business or not. I say "dialogue" because the article-response to MNO Fridays have come out this week. It was published on FlaxTalk community and written by xolotl, whom we welcome to our forum.

Next week we are going to publish our own article on this subject, and meanwhile we can only welcome the raising of such issues and the appearing of relevant projects. Because no matter how it is in reality, the availability of more options, administrators' attempts to do something with investors' money, to be legalized, meaning to change - this is an obvious step forward. AMF Limited, EthanolB, Uinvest, whoever they actually are, or whatever they do in reality, they make high-yield investment industry varied. Variety also offers hope for the future.

The main point of this perspective is the disappearance of one-day projects, destroying poor programs and the transformation of industry in the sector of investment, rather than the economic game. As much as our success depends on luck, this is not a game. At least we don't want it to be a game and we think the way of modifications, new rules and competition is actually the way out.

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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