Updated: 09/10/2010 23:21
Hyip Monitor

VeryThe history of our relations with AMF Limited is long and complicated. They were really in our catalog and at some point their status even was changed to NOT PAYING. But the project is paying and developing. Whatever the case with HYIP monitor is, it does not affect the functioning of HYIP newsletter. Our information network caught the info about the posting of two new videos by AMF Limited yesterday. You can read about it here: News Around Flaxtalk Community

On one of the videos you can see the lake, where Ritish Dorai, a CEO of Amf Limited plans to establish a fish farm.

Today we have managed to contact Ritish Dorai and he has added some information about this project. First of all, about the farms themselves. One of them is here: 2 58'28 .40 "N 101 33'56 .23" E (you can use Google maps to find it). It is in Malaysia. I saw several lakes next to this place but I do not know whether they are the same which we can see on the video.

AMF Limited is planning to build platforms on the lake, which will make it possible to grow fish. Only wooden platforms are used in that place now but AMF Limited plans to use the metal based system which can be replaced part by part. But Tish also plans to sell them as separate products. In addition, a huge number of fish will be in the lake and that's what Tish has said in this regard: "i will take it about 250 nets of 15 x 15 feet and about 750k fish."

LargeAs soon as the construction starts the cameras will be installed to broadcast this process for all investors. So, these were some more details on the project. Very interesting, right? Hopefully, Tish will gladden us more with detailed story about this interesting business.

As I have already said, all these dialogues on the financing of real business with the help of HYIP are very interesting and the emergence of such projects as AMF Limited in our field is very useful. Therefore, we will use all available opportunities to find out more, to analyze better and to create the most broad picture for you. So, I hope this is not the latest information on highlighting such projects in general and in particular.


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