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Unfortunately we couldn't publish our regular column HYIPNews Project Development in our regular Newsletter yesterday. Because of the amount...

Unfortunately we couldn't publish our regular column “HYIPNews Project Development” in our regular Newsletter yesterday. Because of the amount of information :) So, we have decided to write about it separately today. Well, what has happened with our project during the week?

The first event that has happened this week is the addition of 1000th HYIP in the catalog of HYIPNews.com Vodapex has become this lucky project. Of course, there is nothing special about it therefore we haven't prepared a large analytical material. We did not even write a little publication in which we would attempt to describe our seven years experience in the field of high-yield investments. Of course, much has changed, much continues changing and new perspectives come up at every step. But it is necessary to talk about investments using figures, indicators and specific conclusions. The main thing in investing is studying. And simple talking about it is pointless. And because we have reached the number of 1000 HYIPs which have been analyzed and monitored by us, we are ready to look back more and to offer you more information in order to learn and to develop. As well as to develop our strategy. Of course, there must be some HYIP monitors which have monitored more than 10,000 HYIPs, but none of them can call itself a newspaper and therefore does not have such information, statistical and analytical basis as HYIPNews.com does. So, if you're with us, you are on the right track. No doubt about it and we will do our best to help you.

The second event
is the publication of our Large Review. Previously, we had had just "review" before "short review" appeared. In Short Review, we make just a review of the project, talking about its plans and major features. In Large Review, we decided to evaluate sites in terms of potential success. Meaning to evaluate all components of HYI project by using concrete figures (beginning with the site itself and ending with registration). We decided to consider the price of the script, hosting and quality of work of support services and also to try to calculate how much one or the other component prolongs the life-time of a project. Therefore we are going to make a deposit of $100 in reviewed HYIP after each review.

We think that even if the evaluation system does not work, placing all these components in order will be extremely useful for our readers. In fact, we have decided to proceed not from the assessment of "reality" of a project or the” efforts of an administrator”, we decided to answer a simple question: how much this HYIP is worthy of your attention? In other words, what a degree of risks is if you invest in it.

Along with a description of each parameter, you can see our assessment of this component in Large Review. You may not agree with this evaluation but you can use facts. If you think that everything is okay with the registration of the company and the presence of this document is enough for you to invest in HYIP, then you should not worry that we give 2 or 3 points for this feature. For example, we believe that the value of this component is not high, since this document does not say about anything. However, an administrator has bothered to buy it, therefore it deserves a couple of points. However, in case if an administrator has worried about the pile of other things, registration completes the picture and significantly increases the potential of a project. Meaning it is worthy of all 5 points and the we apply the same principle regarding each feature.

We have already written about the system of Large Review: HYIPNewscom Introduces New Standard of Review and we'll write more about it. We are confident that the system of Large Review is not just a kind of our products. Large Review is another reason for our readers to think, to calculate and to analyze. So, the work on review will be a useful lesson and a cognitive process. Of course, we will keep releasing short reviews and we will not make any revolution. Treat Large Review simply as a project.

But keep in mind that of course, it is a great success to gain 100 or even 90 points. Because 100 points is actually a guarantee that you will make profit in this project. But the thing is that only God can give you such a guarantee, therefore we think that 90 points is a very good indicator. To test the effectiveness of the concept of Large Review in practice, we will invest $100 after the publishing of each such review and we will track payments. So, we will keep you informed on the development of the project.

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