Updated: 09/13/2010 13:45
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And another news about report from our readers. This time it is about CashMiner . You can read all our news regarding this HYIP below

And another news about report from our readers. This time it is about CashMiner ( You can read all our news regarding this HYIP here: Search for hyips news from

So, here is a little story about CashMiner. We have received a couple of mails from our readers informing that has pending withdrawals and it is turning scam. So, we started checking out the situation with this HYIP as usual before publishing our news. And it turned out that everything was okay and there were no signs of this project being scam. However CashMiner did not respond to our mails (we wanted to make sure that it was still alive and provided support).

Then we asked our reader to provide us with proofs and he sent something that could not be considered proofs at all. Therefore we decided that there was a Black PR campaign against (you probably know that some HYIPs use such ways to destroy or at least to lower reputation of their competitors).

But we received another mail yesterday from a reader we trust and he proved that CashMiner is cheating:

“ I would like to report a withdrawal problem with Cash Miner, today I tried to withdraw money but I did not receive it ,in the mean time it was deducted from my balance,I sent a support ticket but I got no reply,withdrawals from cash miner was always instant. Would you kindly check their current status. ”

And the information about selective payouts came out at the same time.

Well, reports from our readers and the common opinion on the market that this HYIP is making selective payouts is enough for us to recommend staying away from it. A status in our HYIP-list will be changed to ON HOLD and will remain on hold until the situation is clear.

We think that still has a chance to change the situation. All they need to do is to pay out debts but for now they are considered to be liars.

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