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The administration of CompaxTrade ( has informed about some innovations in program's latest update. You have already had a chance to...

The administration of CompaxTrade ( has informed about some innovations in program's latest update.

You have already had a chance to get to know this HYIP in our short review: Compax Trade Short Review so there is no need to remind the details of investing in CompaxTrade.

So, the administration promised to add professionally translated versions of their website by the end of September. This information appeared on their website a month ago. Three languages were promised to be added and they were: French, Italian and German.

Well, as we all know some HYIP admins use such trick and give different promises to make it seem like their HYIP will operate for a long time and it is trustworthy. Therefore we usually don't inform you about such promises, however we do inform when they are kept.

So, the French version of has been really added. And here is the actual update:

“ From now our French investors can fully use all our site's features in native language! French version is available here If you have found any errors and(or) mistakes in French translation please contact us. “

We are always happy when HYIPs try to develop and when they keep promises. We hope that other languages will be added soon as well.

CompaxTrade has been online for three weeks and has been monitored by HYIPNews from the beginning. It has a paying status in our catalog as there haven't been any problems with payouts. However, when we started checking other monitors as we always do before publishing news, we found out that it has a waiting status on some of them. But we were really surprised cause there are no negative votes or comment on HYIP forums or HYIP monitors.

So, we couldn't leave that as it was and wrote the administration of and the admins of those monitors. We have already received a response from CompaxTrade. They say that they don't know why this happened as they pay without delays.

And we have just received a response from HYIP Explorer and a waiting status is explained. The admin says that it is possible if withdrawal request isn't processed more than 72 hours.

However, we have no grounds to blame or suspect CompaxTrade in anything for now cause we haven't found any negative comments, they responded and didn't hide as some admins and we don't have any problems with payouts. Maybe withdrawal request wasn't processed due to some technical reasons.

But of course we'll keep a track of program's development and improvement. The administration has informed us that Spanish language will be added soon. And we'll see what happens in next couple days with statuses.

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