Updated: 09/15/2010 18:24
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As we have mentioned earlier, AckeWorld ( started having problems with PerfectMoney: Acke World and PerfectMoney Problems According to an official statement of, PerfectMoney decided to check the documents and therefore froze account operations. So, from that moment all payments and transactions have been made only via LibertyReserve.

We contacted PerfectMoney and made sure that this statement was true. PerfectMoney also explained the reason of inspection, but said that it was internal information and we could not disclose it. According to info that we have, the problem which became a reason for inspection is solved. However, despite this fact, positive solution has still not been found and cooperation of PM and AckeWorld is impossible. Therefore, AckeWorld has decided to carry out all transactions via LR, as well as to transfer all their funds there.

Thus, according to announcement of representatives of AckeWorld, all clients' funds will be maintained and it absolutely does not affect the operation of the project. In addition to adding an alternative in the form of AlertPay, clients also have a possibility to credit their accounts and to withdraw profits via bank transfer.

So, I guess that in spite of the apparent seriousness, the issue with PM has not had any impact on popularity of AckeWorld and loyalty of program's investors, judging by the absence of complaints and any kind of troubles.

The company has shown a high level of responsibility and effective management, as they made it impossible for this situation to affect their development. But since the problem is still not solved, we will keep a track of this situation and inform you about its progress. However, it is clear now that a successful alternative to cooperating with PerfectMoney has been found. We hope that the scheme which was described in an official announcement will be launched without any changes and disruptions.

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