Updated: 09/15/2010 16:24
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So Novafx ( and Global Trade Managers ( are officially SCAM . is still unavailable and I believe there...

scam_alert So Novafx ( and Global Trade Managers ( are officially SCAM. is still unavailable and I believe there is no chance it will ever be. However, it still has a paying status on some monitors! Of course, theoretically it is possible that HYIP continuous paying out from program's account to investors' accounts even when site does not exist but it has never been like that in reality. Therefore those HYIP monitors simply confuse investors but a good thing that site is unavailable, which means that it is impossible to make a deposit. Otherwise lots of investors would simply lose their money with the help of such monitors!

Global Trade Managers is still available and therefore dangerous for investors. But it does not pay and today we have received a mail from our reader as another evidence of program being scam:

I think that now you need to change Global Trade Managers to not paying ,check my account (here were account details - Alice) you will find a withdrawal processed on Sep 15 of $ 1.5 ,it has no LR account number nor batch number. ofcourse I did not receive the amount.

Well, what can we say? We would want to give this program another chance as it seemed to be a really good one and it is too bad that such programs close. But I guess, there is no chance for it to continue operating. So we will not only give it a NOT PAYING status but will also place it in a problematic list.

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