Updated: 09/16/2010 10:30
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Today we have an interesting story about a program which represents a worsequality HYIPs which kill all desire to invest in unexperienced investors....

Today we have an interesting story about a program which represents a worse-quality HYIPs which kill all desire to invest in unexperienced investors. I talked to one investor in our Live Chat yesterday and he asked to help him and to say whether KuwaitReserves.com was a scam or not.

So, we checked the website and first thing we saw was unbelievably high interest: 300% daily for 20 days Principal returned (6,000% total), 600% daily for 15 days Principal returned (9,000% total), 900% daily for 10 days Principal returned (9,000%)

Then, our reader (let's call him John) said that he had received $1.20 4 times and then payments stopped. So, I was confused why he received so little and John said that he had invested $20 twice in 6 days Plan and instead they made him an investor of 16 days Plan.

So, then I was confused completely. I asked where he found such plans and John said that the administration had changed them and now plans are different. And when John wrote them and asked to pay out because withdrawals were pending that's what the response was:

“ Please check carefully . we are honest and really paying program. you never invest in our program. Our website www.kuwaitreserves.com not www.kuwait-reserves.com www.kuwait-reserves.com is a scam site which copy from us. “

So, that's how we started checking Kuwait-Reserves.com. This site does not exist anymore, however Google finds it, so it did exist. And I could find discussions about it on forums as well as offered Plans: 4% Daily for 6 days + 100% Principal returned(124% Profit), 6% daily for 16 days + 100% Principal returned (196% Profit), 8% daily + 100% Principal returned.

Everything seemed to be a bit clearer but not exactly. Kuwait-Reserves.com was discussed on forums, was even monitored by some famous monitors but it has a NOT PAYING status and it does not exist anymore.

Kuwaitreserve.com is not discussed and is not monitored. Well, actually you can find a “rate us” list of monitors on the website but all those monitors are suspicious and created for an obvious purpose (our Chief Editor has written an interesting article about it and it will be published today, so you should definitely read it).

Well, I see, why John invested in this HYIP. The promised interest rate was quite normal and the program even paid out for a couple of days but now it is gone and there is another one with almost the same domain. Kuwaitreserve.com administration says that their program is honest and another one is fake but how can they be honest with such a large profit promised? You should definitely stay away from it!!! I think both projects were created by the same people to confuse investors and to make more money.

scam hyip warningOf course, not all investors are experienced enough to see some obvious features that scream “do not invest!” and there are lots of useless informational sources like some fake or irresponsible HYIP monitors, therefore it is very easy to make wrong choices. But you should remember that even though HYIP industry is more of a gambling, investing can be much more profitable if you don't think of it as a game. You can find lots of useful information on our site because we are a newspaper and our main task is to inform readers about all news from HYIP world and to help them. We have many educational articles which you can find on our HYIP ARTICLES page. We have a HYIP-list with programs which are less risky. I say “less risky” because it is not a secret that all HYIPs are risky but there is a different level of risk. And, of course you can always write us, we are ready to help if you have questions.

Do not let scam programs steal your money! Be scam smart!

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