Updated: 09/16/2010 16:31
Hyip Monitor
Forexica and ForexTradealliance are similar. The first one is the legend. The word forex in their names means that they belong to forex-related HYIPs

Forexica and ForexTradealliance are similar in two things. The first one is the legend. The word "forex" in their names means that they belong to forex-related HYIPs. The second one is the status. Both Forexica and ForexTradealliance are scams. The website is already missing therefore this program is not a threat anymore. The website is not only functional but also has a fake Rate Us page, constituting a danger for potential investors.

One of our regular readers has been caught in this trap. Unfortunately, he did not ask for advice whether to invest in or not, although we provide such an opportunity. He just went and made a deposit. But two days later discovered that money requested for withdrawal had a PENDING status. That's when it became clear that he was caught. Page Rate Us: consists of counterfeits. There are static images that are also links to HYIP Monitors (but not to the page of this program on these HYIP monitors). Trying to contact the administration and demand the return is pointless. Of course, we tried to do so anyway, but our efforts have certainly not been successful.

The story of Forexica is much longer. You can read all news about this program, published on our website by following this link:

I wrote: "I do not think that Forexica can be regarded as a normal program from now on.” on September 3. And now they are closed. It is too bad if someone has made a deposit in this period of time. And it is too bad that such actions and behavior of administrators are considered to be normal by some "experts".

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