Updated: 09/16/2010 14:05
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scam hyip warningOne online investor appeared in live support service of yesterday. He said that the program had stopped paying. Analyzing the situation with him, we found a few extraordinary representatives of HYIP monitors, which struck us with their expediency and arrogance. After 10 years of experience in online investing, we were shocked. We found a list of monitors on a “rating” page of So: has no script. This is simply a list of sites that offer just insane interest. Would you like to get 5500% in 24 hours or 12000%? A well-known CherryShares looks very strange in this list. If it was on other similar "monitors", I would suspect it in foul play. CherryShares's promises look fabulous comparing to such absurdity as 1000% in 1 hour. and are almost identical. Lists of programs are similar to content displayed at There are some exotic options, such as 3600% after 20 minutes. Almost every program from the list has its own website, a couple of banners and that is very important they have backlinks to these monitors. looks a bit like a real monitor. There is usual information on each project, including the interest rate of referral award, the minimum and the maximum amount of deposit. This data provides the ground for a huge surprise and admiration for impudence of founders of this network. For example, minimum deposits of pseudo monitor start at $3,000 and end at $55,000. But in reality minimum deposits are equal to an average of 300 USD. If we assume that the cost of each HYIP from this list does not exceed $50 including hosting, then at least 1 deposit is more than enough to cover the expenses.

All sites that are listed in these monitors have links to each other and are repeated in these lists. No one can not say with 100% certainty that this is one network but it is most likely to be true. Sites of such type are created all together at once and are placed on pseudo monitors and it demands a lot of efforts to close them.

But let's see who else is included in this network. is a page of investor who provides a list of programs, in which he allegedly invested and in which he makes money. This is actually a list of programs which you should not even come close to. is another pseudo monitor. is another pseudo monitor. I am afraid that the list is endless. I was terrified.

Our regular readers know that pays attention to all aspects of life of HYIP industry. That is our mission as a media resource, as a newspaper. At the same time, being a monitor ourselves, we try not to go beyond the bounds of decency and not to go into a fierce criticism of colleagues (we tend to think of them primarily as of colleagues and not competitors). Therefore, our Scam HYIP Monitor Warnings are not published regularly. We do not think that catching monitors which do not work in a real time is productive. Moreover, catching them can be endless.

For example, HYIP Explorer did not go to the site for nine days and his status is WAITING even though the program pays. And NovaFX website doesn't exist anymore but the status is Paying. Strange, isn't it? Everyone can make mistakes. But the story which I told you in this news is simply shocking. I wrote this word three times already and I am ready to say it again: amazing, shocking, astonishing. We have no doubt that it is FRAUD, that YOU SHOULD NOT BELIEVE ANY OF THEIR WORDS. Be careful!

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