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HYIPNews goes along the tradition to inform our readers about a perspective projects recently appeared in the industry, so do not gloss over to read...

Willys Picks logoHYIPNews goes along the tradition to inform our readers about a perspective projects recently appeared in the industry, so do not gloss over to read the story about Canadian HYIP project with mega-positive name and the same intentions, called Willy's Picks (willyspicks.com). While I was preparing this story, I also managed to gather some additional and exclusive information from the owner of Willyspicks.com - William Currier.

And before I start describing the project, I would like you to read the history of the company, which was kindly provided by William Currier: “ My name is William, the Owner of Willyspicks.com. I started my investing career back in the early 90's mostly with private hedge funds and stocks. About 2 years ago I also began investing in Options and developed my own strategy with the help of a combination of well known formulas. Making money even if the market went up or crash was for me the easiest way to leverage my portfolio. After looking at the online investment community I realized the potential to offer some of the great returns I was making in exchange for greater capital. From this idea, I created Willyspicks.com originally planning on sharing my investment strategies and recommendations but soon realized that by pooling funds together and perfecting my strategy across a whole range of trading options in the Indices, currencies, stocks and commodities was actually a much better thing to do.”

When you open their page, you will immediately notice two things. The first one is that the front page seems to be a bit long-drawn and the second one is that the unusual investment plans are offered. Well, actually they are not so 'unusual', but the scheme of an interest rate calculation is not so often been met in the industry. So let's talk them out, because I'm sure it is the most interesting aspect for you.

That's how William Currier himself has commented on it: “Our personal approach to investing and guiding new first time investors is what we do best, many new investors do not know how to invest in high yield and how to invest at all. Many people don't research enough about online programs before investing into them. Some lose money and some invest wisely and make money. We now offer 2 plans. One is the Daily Income Plan which pays 2.5% daily for 80 days. This plan will simply double your money in 80 days. Its a very attractive and competitive plan. Short term with no long term obligations. We sometime offer new plans. Some are better than others and sometime they are not as good as the previous one, but that is important for us to do this in order to make the program sustainable.”

Willyspicks.com offers you three investment plans. The first two are basic and the most affordable. It is noteworthy that this two plans vary according to the period of payouts and so they are called: 'Daily Income Plan' and 'Monthly Income Plan'.

  • Daily Income Plan allows you to invest $50, $100 or $150 with 2.5% daily for 80 days. All earnings include principal and paid daily Monday to Friday by midnight UTC/GMT-6:00. Excluding weekends. Total value of each investment is 200%, principal is NOT returned in this plan. Daily earnings are directly transferred to your Liberty Reserve account. Multi-investments are allowed, but each transaction is processed separately. No compounding included.
  • In Monthly Income Plan earnings are automatically directed to your e-currency account every 21st business day. 15% every 21st business day. Total value of investment is 325% including principal! Investment horizon consist of 15 payments plus principal returned on the last payment date. The minimum investment is $50 and the maximum is $4,999. No compounding.
  • The last plan is 'VIP' and the min. amount to invest here is $5,000 (Max $100,000). It offers 2 additional benefits to members: Bank wire option and free voice over IP telephone service. Earnings can be automatically wired to a bank account anywhere in the world using Xoom every 21st business day. VIP members will have access to free unlimited Voip phone service during the term of their investments. Certain conditions are applied, there is a $10 monthly fee for a local number. 325% including principal. Investment horizon consist of 15 payments plus principal returned on the last payment date. Minimum investment is $5,000. Only multiple investments of $5,000 is allowed (Max $100,000). Neteller (deposit/withdraw/Mastercard) and Xoom options. Also no compounding available.

money feverThat's what the site says. Regarding certain conditions and limitations applied in 'VIP' plan, contact support for more details. By the way, as I have already dipped into a subject of contacting their support center, it is worth mentioning that you may get in touch choosing among mailing and online live support or phoning in supported hours starting from 7AM to 1PM.

The site was not made with usage of any unique script. In contrary, the design is simple but still there are some good features to be mentioned. As for example the link to penny stocks scan, where you may find information about penny stocks, the price of which has moved up over the past two days. Or for example useful and convenient converter. The site provides the statistic bar of visits, where you may find out about the amount of people who were on the site for a month or a week. Also you may use World Clock service. Or to see live trading information right from U.S. Markets. You may ask the support to mail you press releases going out weekly.

“ The website is very simple, I did not want a complicated website. As a matter of fact there is no account login at all. No personal information is stored on our system. When an investor makes a deposit using LR or AP per example, the process is automated in the sense that , once payment is made, the investor is redirected to an order form he/she submits, and is then officially a member. All payments are made to the same account, deposit was originally made from.” - that's on good authority, presented by the owner of the site.

The site is hosted in the US by the company Webstarts, the expiry date is 04-Feb-2011, hope they are going to extend it. The amazing thing is that the project has been working for a year now and still haven't managed to get some popularity. Even Alexa chart showed the result of 600K which is very low. So as far as you understand you won't find much testimonials (or maybe with the exception of their own site) and maybe only some number of proving payouts comments. All HYIPmonitors listed on the site show 'paying' status. With the referral program you will earn 5% of the total amount of your referral's investment deposits. The whole life is ahead for this project. But they have already set the stage for the future success.

UPDATE (20/9/2010): Willyspicks.com - the project which review we had published recently, went offline! It is written directly on the site of the project. It was stopped because of the high server load and it would be back to normal in 3 days the most. Yet nothing has been heard from the administration of the site. We are following the situation and will announce if any news appear, as soon as possible.

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