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Hello, everyone! We hope this week has been very profitable and many of you have become richer :) Let's start our regular newsletter with reviewing our educational articles. So, there is one interesting article for those who would like to know what HFT (high frequency trading) is and what the position of SEC regarding current issue is. It is also told about such HYIP as Flamanta.comSEC VS High Frequency Trading

This week we have received a newsletter from Myinvestmentarea.com informing that there was no SSL on their site anymore. So, we informed you about this news and explained what SSL is (because everyone has heard about this feature but not everyone knows what it means exactly) >>>

One of our readers has asked us for information on one of HYIPs because he invested his money in it and wanted to know whether this program was scam or not (his withdrawal request was pending). We started checking this HYIP and that's what it turned into: A Story About KuwaitReserve And when I was investigating this issue, was making his investigation on a different matter. He found out about a chain of monitors who operate with the only mission: to promote scam HYIPs and to steal investors' money. I think it is very useful for you to read >>>

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And, as usual, good news about HYIPs first. Some programs' admins have decided to improve their projects. The administrator of WorldPrivateFunds.com has informed that German and Russian versions of the website would be implemented: WorldPrivateFunds Improves The German version is already available and now we are waiting for promised Russian version to be implemented to write our next news about this project.

Compaxtrade.com has also informed about the addition of new languages. Their website is available in French now and other languages are promised to be added: CompaxTrade Improvements and Unclear Status When we started checking the program's statuses, we noticed that it had a problem status on some monitors, but it seemed like everything was okay with this HYIP, therefore we decided to contact those admins of monitors. So, it turned out that some of them are too lazy to enter their accounts for 9 days and that's why the status was waiting.

And another improvement is from AMF1989.com. New project is being developed now >>>

This time our regular short review is going to tell you about Cherryshares.com. I'm sure you all know about this HYIP but there are some interesting points in this review and I'm sure you'll find it interesting too >>>

And we should remind you about some news which are not so positive. It was reported by one of our readers that Maxicash.biz had stopped paying. We informed you about this to help you not to make a mistake at least until the problem would be solved: Red Flag Over Maxi Cash Updated So, all pending payouts were maid after we had published our news. We are happy that we could help our readers to get their money back.

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The situation with Cash-miner.com was not satisfactory and dangerous for investors and it still is cause we have received more scam alerts after the publishing this news >>>

Even though Premier-profit.com has been quite a reputable project, the problem with one of their investors has still not been solved >>>

And we have also received news from Ethanolb.com this week. The admin of this program has announced in his newsletter that the program is going to be private, meaning it will not accept new members soon. Read our opinion on this issue in following article >>>

And, as usual, SCAMs of the week:
NovaFx.net and Globaltrademanagers.com are were suspected to be scam projects: Novafx and GTM Have not Lived Through Weekend And now they officially are >>>

Another two scam programs are Forexica.com and Forextradealliance.com >>>

At the end of the last week we discovered several bugs in our catalog and during the whole week we were trying to fix them. You know that we have rating system. Every single program is placed in the catalog according to its status, period of working online, our and users rating. So we had problems with sorting of programs and counting interest payouts. For example, there were written that Safe Depositary had returned us 230% for only 36 days. Which was not the true. The problem with sorting was solved, meanwhile ROI was temporary off. That was all the news. Though we strongly recommend to get acquainted with all that things which we have summed up on the last week.

The biggest event of this week has probably been the changing of rating of many programs at GoldPoll.com. This monitor is an undisputed leader among the monitors and it has canceled the majority of votes for the various programs at once. Probably because of the abundance of fake votes. As ECJ states, such a move made by the administration has heavily shuffled forces. We haven't noticed such effects and the very innovation has been unnoticed.

Other conversation continue being about recovering and the huge amount of monitors and blogs. We actively participate in these discussions and I hope we will ensure everyone that recovering will begin with improving the quality of monitors and blogs. We believe that there is an abundance of low-quality programs because monitors lower standards, accept poor administrators and make it seem like they don't notice that those programs are stealing investors' money. Investors no longer believe in these programs and monitors suffer from their own greed. Personally, we have decided to higher demands for HYIPs instead of lowering them even though the industry is in crisis. Now our information policy is based on the principle that it is impossible to agree with low level of professionalism and poor quality. Unfortunately, monitors managed by 1-2 people and bloggers can not afford to set a high bar in such difficult times. But we hope that all market participants will listen to our appeal.

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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