Updated: 09/17/2010 17:32
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One of our regular readers has sent us a warning on MilidoFinance ( This HYIP has been in our monitor for 7 days and we didn't...

One of our regular readers has sent us a warning on MilidoFinance ( This HYIP has been in our monitor for 7 days and we didn't expect to receive a scam alert so quickly. But here it is:

“ Just a small note Milido finance does not pay instanly any more ,I had a withdrawal request of $ 10.30 pending for 12 hours which was not processed , than I replaced it with a smaller request of $ 1 ,also not prcessed,please feel free to login my account and check any time. I think it is the end for milido finance “

MilidoFinance offers 103% after 1 day; 108% after 2 days; 115% after 3 days; 130% after 5 days. So, I guess it is clear for all of you that this HYIP is a short-term one. We all know that short-term HYIPs do not live for a long time, but 7 days is too soon for a closure anyway.

So, we started checking all possible information on this program and we found some other comments that program was really not paying. Then we tried to contact the administration of and now we are waiting for their comment on this situation. The program also has different statuses on monitors so it might mean that the program has been making selective payouts to maintain a positive status on some monitors.

Anyway, let's see what happens and let's wait for a response from the administration. If they hide and do not answer, then everything is clear. But we hope that it is not the end for MilidoFinance, as our reader said and investors still have chance to get their money back and to earn more.

UPDATE (20/9/2010): A quick update of news about MilidoFinance. The website of the program does not exist anymore. Now when you try to open, that's what you can see: “403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied!” It is too bad that there are such programs in HYIP world. They look good, start advertising campaign and give a nice impression but then disappear when they gather enough money. I want to remind that MilidoFinance has been online for only one week. Well, appearances are deceptive, alas!

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