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The story of relations between online investor named David and HYIP named Genuine Online Bank (genuineonlinebank.com) has not been successful from the beginning. David decided to make a deposit of $750 via AlertPay in the early August. However, two days after sending money, they were not credited to the account at genuineonlinebank.com. Since the administrator had not responded to letters and calls from his new client, David created a dispute at AlertPay, demanding the return of his money.

The representatives of Genuine Online Bank (GOB) contacted David right after the dispute had been placed and demanded to cancel it. They were angry because according to them they had been accessible by phone, and some time was needed for crediting money to account. In addition, the representative of GOB hinted that, if the dispute is closed, David will be alleged in fraud and lose all his money. That dispute was closed and the money ($731) was credited to GOB's account. However ... it was not activated.

Until August 19 the account was suspended because of the actions against genuineonlinebank.com. On August 21 it was finally activated and the deposit ended up in the plan “140% after 3 days ". David tried to withdraw his profit immediately after the expiration of those 3 days and ... faced a new challenge. "I have an error saying i have reached my daily withdrawal limit K". This time the administration responded fast enough: " For more security reasons, Maximum daily withdrawal is $100, If you would like to withdraw more than $100 daily, You must verify your account in our program." - a response that Tamara, an employee of GOB has sent.

David requested available amount for withdrawal. That is, $100. At the same time he began the process of verification. In the course of this process, he collided with additional requirements and unspecified earlier conditions. I want to note that at this point it becomes quite obvious that the administration is trying in every way to complicate the process of getting the profit. Unprofessional manner in which David blamed genuineonlinebank.com becomes catastrophic. Support service answers from time to time and even does not format messages so that they can be properly read. The above quotation accurately retains the letter from Tamara. Needless to say, that verification has still not been completed and $100 have not been received.

At the same time, the representatives of Genuine Online Bank state the following:

"While, His payment is OnHold by AP, How we can refund it?" or "We will refund his payment after releasing by AP."

That is, they simply put all the blame on AlertPay. Yes, the restriction has been imposed. Yes, there was dispute, but it doesn't exist anymore. And what prevents them from paying using other ways or other e-currencies? Obviously, genuineonlinebank.com does not want to help its clients. What stops us from considering it SCAM? In general, nothing. BUT ...

On the one hand, investors themselves are very often the cause of their problems. They push the wrong button, read the wrong pages and expect different from what they get. In addition, GOB has a positive status on 90% of monitors. On the other hand, those monitors sometimes live in a parallel reality :) While we were hoping that GOB would solve this situation with David, another complaint from our reader was received. This time investor lost $1,000. And even third complaint came: "GenuineOnlineBank.com: SCAM!" and only one monitor has a not paying status of Genuie Online Bank. Well, we will support it. Stay away from the GOB.

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