Updated: 09/20/2010 20:00
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So, a new mediumterm program has been recently launched and has started its operation very actively. It is called YOKapital ( The...

YOKapital logoSo, a new medium-term program has been recently launched and has started its operation very actively. It is called YOKapital ( The staff of this HYIP has already sent out a welcome newsletter to all program's clients. It is quite long and it generally welcomes everyone to the program. It is also mentioned about the possibility for investors to use Live Chat in order to contact project's staff and to get help in case if they have some questions. The CEO of YOKapital expressed hope that everyone will like this new program.

The next day we received another mail informing about maintenance that would be performed on the website to install a new fire wall and it would be completed in 60 minutes. Well, such a care about investors! It is a rare but at the same time pleasant way of treating investors. So then, one more mail was received informing that the maintenance operation performed on the server had been completed with success.

And yet another newsletter was sent out yesterday. It informed about some issue which the staff of the program has faced in the form of some individuals threatening in Live Chat. Those blackmailers told to pay $200 to their account. Otherwise they would post lots of bad votes and comments on forums and monitors, according to the staff of And that's what they say about this issue:

“ We obviously ignored their demands and even blocked their IP addresses to prevent them from accessing our website. We noticed from a popular blog that such miscreants exist in the industry and are not just targeting So, we just wanted to alert all our members on this issue, should these individuals go about spreading rumors about us or any other successful program. “

Another issue mentioned in the newsletter is the system of withdrawal. The staff of the project has received some profit withdrawal requests in the Principal withdrawal section by some members who have not understood the concept of this system. And here is the explanation:

“ So we are reminding all of you once again that all payouts are processed automatically and no withdrawal requests are necessary. If you do notice any delay or missed payouts in your payment processor account, please contact us immediately and we will look into the matter as soon as possible.”

Well, we hope that will really become one of the reliable HYIPs.

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