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Before informing you about the official news from ReProFinance (, let me remind you about this program first. We haven't...

Before informing you about the official news from ReProFinance (, let me remind you about this program first. We haven't written about it for a while cause there haven't been any covering opportunities. The program has been simply working productive and steadily and nothing special has been happening. was launched almost three months ago and has been monitored by HYIPNews almost right from the beginning. You can track all news about this project published in our newspaper by following this link: Search for hyips news from

So, everything has been going good and therefore the administration of the program has decided to expand their business. Online investment business attracts 40% more investments than the equivalent offline investment company according to the analysts of the program. And the funds of ReProFinance have grown sharply since the beginning of fall due to active depositing by program's investors which is also explained by program's analysts. They think it is a result of the higher index of business activity. Therefore they have proposed to introduce additional trading terminals and to expand the traders staff.

The administration has also announced the addition of more employees to the customer support as a result of this expansion. Now you don't have to wait too long when you are trying to contact support. The customer support team will also be better accessible and faster answering your questions.

A rapid growth of investors with different preferences inspired's administration to extend account deposit options. And they also promise to add more payment processors soon for investors' convenience. But now there are two options for you to choose if you want to invest and they are PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve.

Well, we hope everything will keep being great for this project because our market really needs reliable options and not those programs which close right after they gathered enough money from investors.

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