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We received a mail from one of readers regarding Fxmonger (fxmonger.com): “dear support, you have fxmonger on your premium list. could please...

We received a mail from one of readers regarding Fxmonger (fxmonger.com):

“dear support, you have fxmonger on your premium list. could please check the status of this hyip. i have a pending withdraw since friday of last week. there is also no online support available anymore. thanks for your feedback. “

Yesterday FXMonger really suddenly appeared on the top of our list of programs. Formerly this place was for premium monitoring. Now we do not have it however, this situation is anyway unexpected. A massive voting by investors, which can quickly help the program end up on the top of our catalog could be a reason why it happened. This action leads just to a short-term spike, but at a certain scenario, it makes sense. We are working on eliminating the possibility of such manipulations in the future. However, it is always necessary to look for information everywhere and make your decision rather than to simply look at the status of the program or its place in the catalog.

Fxmonger.com has been online for four months and now it is closed. So, be careful! Two more warnings were posted our forum by our readers. The first one is regarding A-InvestClub (a-investclub.com): “Does not paying for 3 days now”.

This program was launched three weeks ago and its time online is over. It has stopped paying and there are investors’ warnings to stay away from it on other forums as well.

Another HYIP that was launched eight months ago has also turned scam. Here is a scam alert on our forum: “ NOT paying. SCAM “

So, what is the name of this program? It is AvaInvestment (avainv.com). Our reader is, unfortunately not the only one who hasn’t received his money. There are many other reports, therefore DO NOT INVEST!

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