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You know, it is always not pleasant to write about scam programs, however this is the reality of HYIP world we live in, therefore it is an important...

danger scamYou know, it is always not pleasant to write about scam programs, however this is the reality of HYIP world we live in, therefore it is an important thing to do. So, our agents have reported about following programs being scam:

The first one is ForexCompanyOnline ( It has been called scam in a couple of sources, however the situation on monitors is great and there is no suspicion that it might be scam. Of course those claims can be questioned but there is always a reason to claim so therefore you need to take precautions (request your withdrawal more often and do not make new deposits). Perhaps this is simply Black PR and we hope that the official representative of this HYIP will clarify the situation but for now we can only guess and you can act at your own risk. has been online for more than a month and you can read our news about this HYIP by following this link:

Another program we have been informed about is PreciousFund ( And again, we can not call it an absolute scam as there are no negative comments on forums but we all know that those forums are usually used by programs admins to create an illusion that everything is great (of course, not always and there are some HYIP forums that are much better than others). But anyway, the situation on HYIP monitors is unclear because they show different statuses. PreciousFund was launched a month ago and it seems like its lifetime is coming to an end. Anyway, be careful!

FxTradingWorldwide ( (it is so difficult to pronounce :)) has been online for five months and it seems like its time to close has come, because we have seen quite a lot of proofs that it is true. Programs investors have started reporting pending withdrawals and posting scam warnings on the Internet. And I have found an interesting excuse for pending withdrawals from the admin of FxTradingWorldwide: The story is , many big investors keep invest and withdraw in short term plan too much over 5 weeks, after we keep paying in high volume everyday , we must delay some request to adjust our trading account in Forex brokers bring up to good level again after this week . Well well see what happens next week but for now it is a warning for you!

One more warning is about TradersPower ( This HYIP has been online for two weeks however it hasnt become very popular and I doubt it ever will. It is listed on two monitors only and is not popular on HYIP forums. And now in addition to this unpopularity, you can also find comments informing that TradersPower does not pay. I guess you know what you should not do. :)

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