Updated: 09/21/2010 10:26
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Our today’s news is about a program which has surprised everyone by working for so long. It has been online for almost half a year, which is...

Our today’s news is about a program which has surprised everyone by working for so long. It has been online for almost half a year, which is four times longer than it should have been. Meaning it is usually predictable when the program will close if taking in account plans offered. Here is a great article for you to read about it: Working With Shortterm Pay on Expiry HYIPs

So, what is the name of this program? It is UniteTrade (unitetrade.com). It has been silent for a long time but we unexpectedly received a long newsletter from this HYIP. The admin of the program has probably decided to remind about his project as well as to inform about some changes. The first thing reminded is investment Plans. There are two of them at Unitetrade.com and they offer 120% after 7 calendar days ($5-$5,000) and 150% after 15 calendar days ($100-$60,000). As you can see, this is a short-term paying on expiry HYIP, therefore it is really surprising that it has been operating for so long.

And that’s what Andy, the administrator of the program reminds regarding investment plans: “ Remember that, in both the plans offered, your principal is included in your earnings, and your account balance will be updated only at the end of the investment period. Your earnings will not be reflected in your account balance on a daily basis. “

The next “refresher” of this newsletter is program’s referral system. If you do not have money to invest, you can earn by referring other people. The referral system at UniteTrade.com provides you with the ability to earn 6% of the deposits made by your referrals. All you have to do is to invite your friends to UniteTrade through your unique referral link which can be found in your account area, and after they register under you, you'll be automatically earning 6% commissions from their deposits. Withdrawals of both the referral commissions and interest payments are processed within 0-24 hours.

The next thing informed: “ As we are growing day after day, and the task to process a lot of withdrawal requests daily gets more difficult, we have decided to implement an instant withdrawal feature. As soon as we implement such a feature, all withdrawals will be processed instantaneously, which means your money will be in your e-currency account in the next second after you submit the withdrawal request. “

The website will also be on a dedicated Dragonara server soon, according to Andy and the process may take a couple of hours. He promises to send out another newsletter soon informing about all promised improvements. And there are some details regarding investors’ accounts explained: “ … your account password can be changed by you, if you require to do so, but if you want to change your payment processor details, or your e-mail, or both, you will have to send us your security question, security answer, and your username, along the details to be changed. Without providing us your security question and security answer, we will not make any changes to your account, by any chance. “

Andy also asks all members to support program by voting on HYIP monitors after receiving payments. It is necessary to help program being ranked at the top of monitor listings.

Well, all we can say is that we are happy for all investors who have made money in this program and keep making it. As we have already said in the beginning of this article, these guys have surprised everyone by operating for so long. But even though everything seems to be great, it is still too risky to invest in Unitetrade.com

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