Updated: 09/22/2010 20:30
Hyip Monitor appeared in HYIP industry about a month ago and is currently the most recent project among real-business based HYIPs appeared in HYIP industry about a month ago and is currently the most recent project among real-business based HYIPs. People say that there is a filter at which is configured in a special way so that the site was only available to those who live in North America. All others are automatically redirected to the site Why would they do that?

As I have already said, Uinvest operates in the real sector of economy, buys and sells real estate units, infrastructure and industry properties. Their target audience is located in the West. They themselves are in Ukraine. But why can this site be shown only to those who are in the place of residence of the target audience? What a strange measure. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get in touch with the administration, so the issue remains open.

Having purchased some property, Uinvest splits the cost of it into shares and these shares are sold through its website Price per share is determined according to the value of the property. Now they have shares at a price of $45 to $500. Average profit for one of them is around 12% per month (and is accrued monthly).

It is strange that the interest for any unit is approximately the same. And it is interesting that it is not indicated anywhere whether those properties are owned by the company or rented. On the other hand, you can find successful stories on the website and documents confirming company's registration has already been tested by Lea Gao. So,there is one more member in the "real business" family.

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