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Every online investor knows that HYIP world is risky and usually danger comes from highyield investment programs and their admins. But in every...

Every online investor knows that HYIP world is risky and usually danger comes from high-yield investment programs and their admins. But in every online field, in every line of business there are also those, who want to make money by using names of real participants of the market. So, we have already informed you to be careful when you receive a mail from the admin of some HYIP you invested in announcing some special offers. You will usually find link which you should follow in order to take part in some special offer and we told you not to do it in any case! For more info, read this article: Scam Offers Under Name of GTM and MutualTreaty

So, these scammers get e-mail databases of ordinary investors and then send them out a mail on behalf of the admin of one or the other HYIP. This kind of mail is called “phishing mail” and their main purpose is to steal money. So a mail to the investors of Money-island (money-island.net) has been sent out and it seems like it is exactly the above described type of mails:

“ Hello, this is admin of Money-Island.net We are definitely the leading short-term program; having $50,000 already invested and growing!

This is our newsletter and I want to introduce a Deposit Bonus to you. You will be given a 10% bonus for deposits $500 and more! If you wish to invest a smaller amount, feel free to also ask me if bonus can be sent.

You need to reply to this message if you're interested and we will give you more details. Thank you
Money-Island Admin “

This email has been written by fraudsters. It is quite easy to distinguish such phishing mails. The email address from which it was sent is moneyisland.net@gmail.com and it does not correspond to the real administrator's email address: admin@money-island.net.

And another phishing email has been sent out on behalf of Money-island:

“ As you may know, we are processing withdrawals with no delay and everything else is running smoothly as well! But, now we have even better offer for all of you! We got an excellent fixed bet result: All who wish can achieve* 10% hourly for 12 hours !This opportunity will not last long, so you must react quickly. The minimal deposit is $50 and the maximal deposit is* $2000*per member.

Deposits for our special program are accepted directly on: Liberty Reserve account – U6085878 (here was a link, I took it away, so that no one would accidentally click it :) - ALICE) Perfect Money account - U1863398

If you don't want to miss this great opportunity ACT NOW! Please put your USERNAME in the PAYMENT MEMO! This is not public offer - but private offer for money-island members only. The best thing here is that this special program is GUARANTEED by me so you CAN'T LOSE your money! This is ONE-TIME OFFER so you must ACT NOW! “

I want to remind one more time. All operations can be done on official sites of programs. Therefore never believe those mails where you have to make a deposit directly by using provided link! If you really like the offered opportunity and you think it might be real, in that case go to the website of this program. If the offer is real, you will find it on the website. And it is okay to participate after contacting administration of the program and making sure one more time that everything is okay. It is YOUR money you risk, therefore be careful.

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