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Today we have received quite a long newsletterreminder from FundsOMatic ( The main topic of this newsletter is payment...

Funds-O-Matic logoToday we have received quite a long newsletter-reminder from Funds-O-Matic ( The main topic of this newsletter is payment processors. There are 5 of them and they are LibertyReserve, AlertPay, StrictPay,GlobalDigitalPay and PerfectMoney. So, you might wonder why SP is among others because there are lots of problems with this processor. Randy, the admin of the program says that SP is a difficult topic as many investors and he himself have lost a lot of money because of it but since he has no influence on SP, proposes just to pray for them to get back to normal. All StpictPay transactions are put on hold until then. It is also reminded that all funds that have been deposited via SP can't be transferred to other payment processors.

AlertPay has had some issues that effected IPN functionality and that is why some deposits were credited manually and some were credited automatically after they fixed the system. This technical problem lasted for about half a day and now everything is okay. But even though StrictPay is a problematic processor and there were some issues with AP, there are no problems with other payment processors and they all work just fine.

The admin of Funds-O-Matic also tells about other issues. For example, he informed that the current number of investors is 5,000 now and this number keeps growing each day. Randy also reminds about investment plans:

" So for reminder the daily plan is for 200 days and weekly plan is 26 weeks. Accounts are credited 7 days a week on the log in function. This means if your deposit should be credited and your logged in from before refreshing to see, you will need to log out and then back in. "

And some ways to promote Funds-O-Matic are also described. You can find a "forums" page and a "ratings" page on the official website. Randy says that it will help a lot if you vote and post comments on one of the listed websites to help others understand that the program is a good option and it really pays.

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