Updated: 09/26/2010 17:20
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Hello, everyone! There have been different events this week, both interesting and sad but we want to tell you about the most important ones. The story about an investor named David fighting against GenuineOnlineBank.com and a payment processor AlertPay has drawn a lot of attention of our readers.

So, it started when we received a mail from David informing about his problem. We tried to help, therefore contacted both GOB and AP and than published this news: David Against Genuine Online Bank and AlertPay Then GOB reacted to this news and decided to explain what the problem was. We were glad that they were not hiding and tried to cooperate, so another news was published: Genuine Online Bank Explains However, when we asked to provide us with some real evidence and documents, our request was not met and we figured that GOB was just trying to find an excuse for not paying and was not going to give David's money back: Genuine Online Bank Goes Under

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We feel bad about this situation and hope that there will be minimum situations similar to this one in the future! Another important task for us to do is to inform you about dangerous programs. We want you to understand that the reasons for us to call one or the other program dangerous can be different but they are always about programs with problems. So if some project starts having problems, we have to inform and to warn you. You might still want to invest and have your own opinion but just be careful if you decide to invest in such programs.

So, you can read about ForexCompanyOnline.com, PreciousFund.com, FXtradingWorldWide.com and TradersPower.com here: Todays Dangerous Programs A warning about Fxmonger.com, A-Investclub.com and Avainv.com can be found here: FXMonger And Other Scams An interesting article about “express-HYIPs” as well as the warning about Hourly-cash.com is here: Express HYIP Hourly Cash Closes And the last warning for this week is in this news: Clear Status of Signal Traders

So, these are the most important news we wanted to remind you about. Our Newsletter is not distributed to the readers therefore if you are reading it now and want to know more about the news of HYIP industry, you can find all of them on our site.

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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