Updated: 09/27/2010 19:14
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Another project was launched 6 days ago and it is called CapitalStrenght ( And we have already received two newsletters from the...

Another project was launched 6 days ago and it is called CapitalStrenght ( And we have already received two newsletters from the administration of the program. It was reported about some problems with hosting in the first update. The site of this newly launched project was not functioning at some point of time because of NOYDOS problems therefore the desire to change it was expressed. Such decision was maid because:

...we cannot put up with any downtime as it is not fair to our investors as we are dealing with money and our investors want confidence that we are not going to disappear and that is what we want to provide to you .so we will change servers...

The administration of the program seems to be really caring about their investors and wants to assure everyone that they have come for a long time and to thank those investors who have already believed in them and have made a deposit in CapitalStrenght.

It is reminded about the ability to track all payouts made. You can do it by clicking the paid out link on the front page to make sure that pay outs are made quickly. And the same ability is reminded in the second mail from the program as well. Another option you can use in order to see proofs that the program is paying is to go to forums where is discussed. It is informed in the second newsletter that forum links have been added on program's home page to provide you with easy access to main forums. Everyone is asked to post payment proofs:

...If all of you who have been paid would post your payment received details on the FORUMS we would really appreciate it...

Well, these guys obviously want to promote the program with the help of forums and its clear why. Forums are immediate communication and representation and they do not cost as much as banner ads. But the thing is that bots and pointless postings don't make such promotion very effective. Although attempts and efforts of the administration are very appreciated because 50% of admins don't bother doing at least this. So, we wish CapitalStrenght good luck.

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