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There is one more new program we want to inform you about. It is called EarnPlaza (earnplaza.com) and it has been online for a week. We received its...

EarnPlaza logoThere is one more new program we want to inform you about. It is called EarnPlaza (earnplaza.com) and it has been online for a week. We received its first newsletter yesterday. It is quite standard and informs about some general stuff. The first thing informed about is the number of investors which had reached 500 people and this number keeps increasing. The administration is very pleased with this result and thanks everyone who helps promoting EarnPlaza.

Three plans are offered on the website: 110% after 5 days, 130% after 10 days and 160% after 15 days. So, as you can see the payouts for the first Plan had to be paid already. And they had been. Therefore the administration of the project asks to support it by posting payment proofs on forums if you have already received your profit. There is even a special bonus offered for you as an award. If you actively post payment proofs on MMG, DTM and TG, you are asked to email support in order to receive $0.5 to your account balance for withdrawal.

I want to explain you the system of investment plans a bit. They are quite reasonable and realistic even though it might seem that you'll receive a lot at a first glance. So, the project belongs to a middle-term type of HYIPs falling a bit in the category of short-term HYIPs because in spite of ROI including principal (that is a sign of short-term paying on expiry programs), pure profit is not very high (they return 110%, this means that your initial 100% returns to you and you have 10% of pure profit, which is 2% per day and which is not so much). They also pay on calendar days (instead of working / business days) and that's good.

The next newsletter has been received today informing that AlertPay will be added within 3 days. The administration of Earnplaza.com is waiting for verification now and as soon as everything is done, deposits via AlertPay will be accepted. They decided to add AP because some members had asked for it. Therefore there will be three payment options soon (LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are currently accepted). So, let's wait for it to happen but for now there is another issue reported about in the latest newsletter.

EarnPlaza and HyipSun monitor have problems because of RCB (referral commission bonus). So, there was a deal for 300% RCB initially and the representatives of the program agreed to this condition. However two days later they figured that this monitor was not paying out RCB at all, therefore a warning was made and RCB was added again but that time it was 130% instead of 300%. So, the program's administration has decided not to use the services of this monitor anymore and apologizes for recommending it earlier. So what has actually happened? I want to explain for those who is not aware of RCB system.

There are three participants in this system and they are Monitor, HYIP and Investor. So, let's say Monitor offers 300% RCB. And HYIP offers 10% referral commission (that's what EarnPlaza offers). It means that if you make a deposit of $100 directly on HYIP's website, that's it, you start receiving profit and you spent $100. But if you pay using Monitor's services, you register under this Monitor and invest $100.

Then Monitor receives $10 (10% referral commission) and then pays you $30 back (300% RCB). So, of course it is much better for an Investor to invest in such way. And now you might wonder why Monitor would do that (pay from its own pocket). The reasons can be different, for example, popularity. HYIPs will buy more advertising, for example and so Monitor will make more money than it spends for RCB.

I have also found explanation of this situation provided by the admin of HyipSun. He says he couldn't pay out 300% RCB because he didn't receive 10% referral commission from EarnPlaza that is why he decreased it to 130%. He even thinks that the administration of Earnplaza.com made a deposit using his services by themselves to make some extra profit. Well, whatever the case is, HyipSun has been removed from the list of program's monitoring services. And some of you found out what RCB is :)

We have noticed the efforts of the administration of EarnPlaza and we wish them great results and good profits for our readers!

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