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So many new cracking projects appear online as autumn sets in. The only thing left is to decide which of them to choose. That is the eternal question...

FinancesAdvisor logoSo many new cracking projects appear online as autumn sets in. The only thing left is to decide which of them to choose. That is the eternal question for HYIP investors. HYIPNews gives a short introduction to these projects for our dear readers. Short reviews of the projects which we may at least call interesting. But still, we are not admins, so it's up to you which project to choose. We may only ensure that they really worth attention and among the best on the map of the industry nowadays.

A brand new project presented its website a couple of months ago. Speaking of it, it is not exactly the outstanding to call it so, maybe the appropriate describing word would be “modest”. As for the design, the same word for the fonts been used, colors etc. That is on no account the negative feature, but vice versa. No way to call it just poor, for example I can underline the occurrence of the SSL encryption and dedicated server with DDoS protection. Icons providing such information are right on the front page together with various certificates. Consequently you may freely have a look at them to make sure that it is so. And guess, many of you will agree that unique Website security settings are much more important, than any lovely picture on the screen. The other positive side of a modest site, that it won't take much time for loading and that it is the economy of time, especially for investors without speedy Internet connections. The legend seems a bit childish, but that is not the main feature in HYIP industry :)

It is much better when the project always stays online and pays its clients without fails. And if to read numerous feedbacks, testimonials and HYIP monitors, FinancesAdvisor pays out with desirable frequency. I did not manage to find a fact denying regular withdrawals. Though the site is new and still willing to prove itself as the reliable project which is worthy investing in. The company is legally registered. In order to confirm the legitimacy, they have placed certificates in 'Corporate' section. The legal address is also mentioned there, they have their own floor in a business center in Panama City. In addition to basic features FinancesAdvisor brings some educational material concerning how to use your back office, what Forex is, etc. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you may submit them to the support center by using mail, phone or live support.

Now let's talk about the profits. You may use different strategies while choosing a plan to invest. For example you may not take a risk from the beginning and to start with the minimum investment to any of the programs. As soon as this program closes, you can invest the money you earned to another more profitable program and so on. Another interesting strategy implies monthly investing in program. In such a way you increase your income twice, three, four and even more times every month. But firstly you are to choose the plan, so let's take a look at plans that FinancesAdvisor has prepared for us:

plans table

*In all plans You will get back 100% of your principal , for example you made a deposit of $1,000 so you will get your profit plus $1,000 after 90 days

I was also impressed by the amount of payment processors accepted. You can choose between five of them: Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve, Strict Pay, Alert Pay and Bank Wire. A referral commission constitutes 4.5% from every deposit made by the members you have referred. I have fallen under the impression that the effect of the modesty with presence of all needed features and even some extra is realizing nicely with that project. So we may only wish them a favorable wind in their business. And as for the investors, I would like to advice not to pass by that project, but to give a thought to it. Maybe as for the beginning you may try to deposit not much money in order to test the honesty of the project and only than get back to real business.

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