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Our today's newswarning concerns MoneyIsland ( We have recently written about phishing mails sent from MoneyIsland (or claiming...

Our today's news-warning concerns Money-Island ( We have recently written about phishing mails sent from Money-Island (or claiming so): Fake Offers From Money Island The program has been online for 17 days actively promoting itself all this time. It offers very profitable and quick offers (hourly and daily). The minimum deposit is very low therefore no wonder that the program has attracted lots of investors. Everyone wants to have a lot of money especially when it is possible to have it quickly. However you should not forget that HYIPs are different. They can be short-term, medium-term or long term. They can pay daily or on expiry. And your investing strategy should be thought over according to the type of program you are going to invest in. Here is article concerning this issue, it will help you understand more: Working With Shortterm Pay on Expiry HYIPs

So, is a short-term paying on expiry HYIP. Short-term programs don't operate for a long time but they really pay a few rounds (which is enough to make a profit). Considering the fact that most people have invested in 2% hourly for 55 hours plan or 130% after 1 day, the program has completed many rounds and it had really paid before the problems with withdrawals started. Yes, investors' withdrawals are pending. One of our readers has informed us about it in our Live Chat. His withdrawal request is pending and the administration of Money-Island makes selective payouts according to him.

Actually, it is true. The situation with HYIP monitors is great and they all show paying status because they keep receiving their profit. However, other investors don't and our reader is not alone. Warning alerts started appearing on forums yesterday and administrator doesn't reply to mails and doesn't explain anything. We have sent a mail as well but we haven't got a response yet. So, as you can see he is busy to answer but he has sent out a newsletter informing about the addition of a new plan:

We have started the new plan: 200% after 1 day! (But only 10 days!) + 10% bonus after you make deposit! Log to your account and make deposit now! ”

The offer is not mentioned on their website yet, so maybe they just want to collect as much money as possible before leaving. I can not call it phishing though cause there are no direct links in the mail, so it is most likely from them.

Even though it is too bad that another program is most likely to be closing, it is not a surprise in this case because Money-Island is initially a short-term program and HYIPs of such kind do not live for a long time. That's how it is and there is nothing to be surprised of. However this program also offers 25 days plan and if it closes now (after 17 days) it means it has not completed even one round of such plan, which means that those who invested in it would not make a profit. No one. And that's what really not good. Anyway, stay away from it!

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