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The support of SyFunds (, which we have already written about: SyFunds Welcomes You to Invest has sent out a weekly newsletter. The main...

imageThe support of SyFunds (, which we have already written about: SyFunds Welcomes You to Invest has sent out a weekly newsletter. The main issues informed about are some HYIP monitors and some plans for the future. So, the representatives of SyFunds say that they have recently noticed that a monitoring service started a campaign against their program but they ask not to believe in those warnings because they have great plans for the future and are here to stay.

It is true that such “do not invest alert” appeared at Whatever reasons are for Alex (the admin) to warn investors not to invest, the alert is there. And therefore, SyFunds representatives inform in the newsletter that they may remove this monitor from project's monitoring page, especially if they continue this “baseless defamatory campaign”. And here is there thought on why Alex is doing this:

“ There is probably some controversy between money-news-online, but SyFunds as an independent entity does not rely on either of them. “ Actually, this guess is something like " We think that the Earth is round." Having started advertising at the administration decided to change its tactics and to take all they can from the market. But according to current operating conditions of the market it can not be done. And they ought to pay for it. Whether it is right or wrong, good or not, it is another issue. But it is really stupid to be surprised and offended. And did not do anything unexpected. Although, of course, it is too late because another round of scandal is in the development.

It is also informed about desire to add more deposit methods in the nearest future. Right now you can make a deposit via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Pecunix and ECU Money e-currency. Alternatively you may deposit via wire transfer to program's partner exchange provider (wire transfer is available for the amounts of $1,000 and more). Well, more options is always a good news for both investors and the program because it will most likely attract more investors.

And the last issue mentioned in the weekly newsletter is: “ Our trading platform generated a healthy 8.3% profit last week and we foresee this trend to continue. “
I want to remind that offers three investment plans with a daily profit of 1.5%, 1.8% and 2.2% accordingly. BUT what is the period of investment in these plans? It seems like there are two different charts with investment offers on the website. The first one is on the front page (they have fixed it after our first news about them was published) and it shows an investment period of 150 days and the second one is on “deposits” page showing an investment period of 210 days. Well, that's very strange and we'll try to contact the administration in order to clarify it but we have been waiting for response to our first mail for three weeks therefore I'm not sure they are ready to explain anything.

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