Updated: 09/29/2010 20:11
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collapseNow, of course, there is no doubt left that Leader Funds (leaderfunds.com) is SCAM. Although doubts can be, because it is written in large letters on program's website: CCIHOSTING DESTROY OUR SITE AND DELETE OUR 2 DATABASES. Therefore, be sure to read this news. Because that information at leaderfunds.com is a shameless fraud.

The history of the project called Leader Funds is not so short. Two full months or 66 days. Although it is difficult to say exactly when they stopped paying. Personally with us it happened almost two weeks ago. Since then, their status had been AWAITING. Why not just NOT PAYING (if the project does not pay?)? Let me tell you.

Everyone who saw Leader Funds website remembers that in general it was difficult to make any claims. It was really good. There was the whole set of security features and its operating at that moment was not interrupted for 40 days. That is, the project in all respects looked promising. We studied the marketing strategy, tested feedback and in general, made a revision. We, as a HYIP monitor care about having more interesting programs in our catalog. Whether they like it or not but we highlight their work and we start controlling their payment abilities when we think it is necessary. To do this, we invest our money just like any other investor does. HYIPNews.com makes it because the audience of this "promising" program can reach such number of people that we must know exactly whether this project is paying or not paying. We do this all the time.

So, having examined the case, we decided to make a deposit. Program, as we expected, started paying and was normally developing. But then the requested withdrawal was not processed on September 17. Previously, payments were made almost immediately, but this time it was pending on 18th and then on 19th and we didn't receive our profit. So, their status was first changed to AWATING, then to ON HOLD. It was necessary to urgently inform about fraud. But on the same day when we were preparing scam report, the administrator wrote us.

He pointed out that payments are made within 72 hours and if we do not change the status to positive, our account will be blocked. We replied that as soon as we receive payment, the status will be changed to positive and it will not be changed in the future if delays will not exceed 72 hours. Status was changed to AWAITING.

The next day leaderfunds.com site was unavailable. We wrote to the administration about it. No reaction. We checked the payment ... account was blocked. I would have understood if the administration had paid for monitoring and we were not providing it with proper service (as I understand the admin wanted us to show a PAYING status until the site shuts down). But that was OUR money and this, dear readers, is called THEFT.

Of course, we suspected that the administration simply wanted to "teach us a lesson" or something else like that. And as they continued paying other investors, we have not changed the status to NOT PAYING. But it was already clear that they were scammers. Anyway, judging by their actions, you should not believe a word of the information on the website. CCIHOSTING has probably frozen account because of complaints regarding such actions and I believe that this is a good lesson for fraudsters. Stay away from such programs.


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