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WorldPrivateFunds ( is one of the programs which slowly but surely develop showing positive results of their work and paying...

WorldPrivateFunds ( is one of the programs which slowly but surely develop showing positive results of their work and paying without problems. We have received a regular newsletter from Samuel Arildsen, the admin of the program informing about his project's successes. So, WPF celebrated 70 days (10 weeks) online yesterday. Samuel is happy to inform that the program keeps growing day by day.

A new deposit bonus is also announced in the newsletter. This offer is only for new members and only for a 60 days plan (principal on expiry). The plan is called Standard (medium-term) with interest rate 1.4% and min.$10 “ max.$1,000. The offer is valid till October 10 and every new member who makes a deposit in Standard plan will receive a free $10 deposit. The interest withdrawal can be requested as usual (it is explained in program's FAQ) anytime in case if the minimum cash balance is $0.5.

And as you know, the admin announced another bonus promotion on September 16. We informed about it in this news: WorldPrivateFunds For Russian Speakers/ It will last till tomorrow, September 30 and according to it all new deposits in the amount of $10- $500 made by both new and old members are eligible for a 5% cash bonus. This bonus will be added manually directly to cash balance and it can be withdrawn or reinvested at any time. So, we'll probably find out about the results of this bonus promotion soon.

But for now the admin of WorldPrivateFunds asks everyone who receives a bonus to post proofs on main HYIP forums, on rating page or anywhere else on the Internet. You are also asked to post payment proofs and to vote on monitors.

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