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Since the late summer of 2010, dozens of new HYIPs have appeared in the industry so we thought to get involved with an unstoppable series of reviews

Since the late summer of 2010, dozens of new HYIPs have appeared in the industry so we thought to get involved with an unstoppable series of reviews, not only with well-advertised but also already well-reputed programs. We also thought to introduce some of the best and most remarkable examples of the new comers. However, we still have not received enough proofs to fully rely on them soundly - only time can tell. On the other hand, the industry has brought back a couple of projects which had already received some consideration and even managed to enter the catalog of HYIPs in HYIPNews-list. Pawnshop Fund is certainly among them.

The project has only been monitored for the past 20 days and in this time it has already captured the attention of many investors. For this reason, we have decided not to waste any time and to introduce it to our readers immediately.

So what is the secret of making such a fuss in such a short period of time? Maybe it has to do with a few extra details to which experienced investors primarily pay attention? Well, I guess - if to name them in the first instance, there will be a hosting on a dedicated server by Dragonara, 256 bit SSL encryption, Ddos protection or even perhaps the number of e-currencies accepted. Although investors may believe that they successfully hold their business line. You may verify the statement on the main page by noting the total sum deposited in the project, the number of investors, and all the details which form the trust of investors in the project. Adding some advantages, I should also mention the interesting investment plans with earnings on the weekend. A commission of 7.5% can be earned by getting involved in the referral program which the project offers.

Now let's have a closer look at the investment plans which are offered. First and foremost is that PawnShop Fund has 4 available plans which are affordable to investors because the minimum amount required for deposit is quite low compared to other HYIPs in the industry. It will, at most, take only $250. The difference between the plans is in their respective investment terms and interest rates. Let's talk about them.

Short Planoffers a 1.8% daily return for 45 calendar days. However, the days will pass a lot faster here, considering the weekend payouts. The minimum investment in this case is only $10. The maximum allowable sum is $25,000. You can withdraw the total principle amount after 45 days. You also have an option called "emergency withdraw" in each of the offered plans but in this case you will have to pay a penalty.

"MidLow Plan" will bring you 2.10% daily fixed interest during 60 calendar days. You can join it for $50. The maximum deposit here is $50,000. And when 60 days pass, your total return will amount 226% including principal

MidHi Plan offers a daily return of 2.35 % and the minimum deposit term of 60 calendar days which as for me is not quite reasonable. And if to choose between PawnShop Fund's high category plans, I would certainly choose theLong Plan. Investment in MidHi plan requires $250 and the maximum deposit allowed is $50,000. On the other hand Long Plan promises 2.40% daily for 75 calendar days with a minimum of $100. The maximum amount is the same for those two. You can make a deposit using such payment processors as Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney or AlertPay. Bank Wire deposits are also acceptable, but only after contacting the admin regarding the further procedures.

Any questions concerning PawnShop Fund's investment plans or any other you may direct to the support center by choosing one of available options like Live chat (which works most of hours) or you may fill the form and send a mail.

The main office of the company is situated in The Netherlands, Rotterdam and that was proved by whoIs test which has also informed us about the expiration date of hosting (the end of 2015). The project is already holding quite high traffic positions in some countries according to Alexa Traffic Rank. PawnShopFund runs on a licensed Goldcoders script, which is surely well-customized. The design is great and it is convenient to surf. I have only positive impressions after analyzing PawnShop Fund. This project has all qualities needed for the further success. I hope that I will be able to call it the long term investment project after some time passes.

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