Updated: 10/01/2010 19:30
Hyip Monitor

RCB can be written out in different ways: Referral Commission Back, Referral Cash Back, or Referral Credit Back. It is a payment which you get for making a deposit on behalf of a specific person. You register using his link and get an award for this. That’s what is called RCB.

RCB is based on referral commissions which are paid by the program to those who promote it. Monitors use RCB to motivate investors to invest using the links of these monitors, meaning to be in the downline of these particular monitors.

Let’s take a look at example. The program has affiliate (referral) program which offers 10% commission for each deposit made by using your link. Monitor offers you 150% RCB for registering in some program. This means that if you make a $10 deposit by using the link of this monitor, it will pay you $1.5. The admin of this monitor will have a referral commission accrued to his account by HYIP as a reward and will add his own bonus. That’s how it works.

Such system is widely used in HYIP industry and many monitors offer up to 500% RCB but unfortunately it often turns out to be fraud. Therefore, if you liked some monitor with a RCB option, you should always do due diligence and make sure that the administrator really pays. For example, there has been a conflict between EarnPlaza and HyipSun because of RCB (EarnPlaza Introduction). This conflict took place because of RCB promised by the monitor was not paid out. So, as you can see, not only HYIPs themselves can fool you but even some monitors want to make money with your help. There are lots of risks around. Be careful.


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