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One more week has passed bringing us both good and bad news. This week we have written a couple of short reviews of programs. It is always interesting...

One more week has passed bringing us both good and bad news. This week we have written a couple of short reviews of programs. It is always interesting for us to analyze projects, to find their advantages as well as disadvantages in order to help you make your choice. The first review was about FinanceAdvisor.com: FinancesAdvisor Short Review and we hope it was useful and now you know more about this project and the second one was about PawnShopFund .com: Pawnshop Fund Short Review

We are also happy to introduce new projects which have just recently appeared in HYIP world and they are CapitalStrenght.com: CapitalStrenght And Its News with a very active administration and the desire to stay here for a long time and EarnPlaza.com: EarnPlaza Introduction. By the way there is also an explanation of what RCB is in this article. So if you want to find out what it is you are welcome to read.

There have been two projects this week that returned after being offline. The first one is Forexica.com which I'm sure all of you know about: Forexica is Returning It was offline for 10 days due to problems with Dragonara hosting and now the project is back. And another project is not well-known because it operated quite a long time ago and disappeared in March 2010: Iwfxco Comes Backtherefore Iwfxco.com was offline for half a year due to some system problems, according to the administration of the program.

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And of course, we had to warn you about dangerous programs to prevent you from making a mistake. Why the below programs are dangerous you can find out from the news about them:

Money-Island.net: >>>>
GlobalTradeManagers.com: >>>>
FxTradingWorldWide.com: >>>>
Stoura.com: >>>>
LeaderFunds.com: >>>>
Daily-Funds.com: >>>>

These were the most important news. We recommend you reading us daily, so that you can keep up with all events taking place in HYIP world. It is important to know which programs develop, improve and try being better but it is also very important to know about dangerous programs because we are sure you don't want to lose your money. :)

The main news of last week was, of course, closure of such blog as dvdhyip.blogspot.com. It will no longer be updated. David, who was interesting primarily because of high quality and high relevance of his materials decided to be simply an investor.

Max, the owner of money-news-industry.com, has started talking about closure as well. Fortunately, it turned out to be just talking, and he keeps working.

Information field of HYIP has undergone some significant changes. Being online since 2003, HYIPNews.com has witnessed each of them and of course noticed a massive closure of blogs during this summer. The blogosphere of HYIP industry, which was formed in the end of 2008 - the beginning of 2009, has had a significant (if not the key) influence on the rebirth of high yield investing popularity. That's the blogosphere which made it possible for such giants as Genius Funds operate, in our opinion. On the one hand, this massive closure of blogs has become a natural consequence of the decline occurring after the rise. But on the other hand, a continued closure only supports this decline and makes the consequences worse.

These days www.hyipnews.com is trying hard to revive the information field and activity in it by actively encouraging bloggers and market participants to cooperate. We are very sorry to see that not only one-day blogs, but even experienced bloggers have been infected by doubts. We urge all our colleagues to write and not to retreat!

The first and the most significant technical innovation this week is wibiya footer toolbar, which you can see at the bottom of all pages. You all know that we very actively try to inform you about scam alerts and attentively look for all the signals on the market. Each of you can help in our work by distributing our publications using Twitter, Facebook, buzz and services of social bookmarks. That's why this toolbar, which allows sending any of our news or articles to your friends or readers (in twitter or facebook) was installed. Even if you are not an investor of the program about which we received a complaint, you can still help other investors by sharing important publications. In addition, toolbar from wibiya allows you to visit our fan page on Facebook, read our latest tweets (without leaving site) and much more.

Now we want to tell you about several organizational news. Merylin Lorenzini returns to our team. Starting from next week you will be able to see her publications and the publications of another blogger who has join our freelance authors team. We also continue expanding our network. Two more sites are going to be added to 8 sites on which we broadcast our news. And, as you have already understood, another author with his own website will join Tony.

Alice Wilson has become a Chief Editor. You can see from the above news that the writing team of our project is strong and qualitative enough for to focus on common organizational issues. On behalf of the entire team, we congratulate Alice with this promotion.

will participate in forming the editorial policy and will be engaged in writing, but the prefix Chief Editor will be removed from the title of his post. We are confident that such force distribution in our team will work for your good.

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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We do everything for your success.
HYIPNews.com Team

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