Updated: 10/04/2010 15:37
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BMFN ( is a program the abbreviation in the name of which stands for Bussines Merchant Financial

BMFN ( is a program the abbreviation in the name of which stands for Bussines Merchant Financial (by the way I believe they misspelled the first word, because the one they wrote does not exist the right spelling is Business). The administration of the program has sent out a newsletter informing about some improvements. They say that they care about investors and because many investors had expressed their desire to receive payments every day, seven days a week, the decision to accrue interest every day was made. So, every investor who has an account in the program, meaning he has invested in one of the offered plans has an opportunity to have an interest accrual every day. Such feature was implemented by the administration of on October 1.

Well, it is a good news, of course, because it is always better for investor to receive payout every day. And now let's take a closer look at the program. It was launched 12 days ago and is now presented on a few monitors. They all show a paying status, as well as investors comments and proofs posted on forums are positive so I guess there haven't been any problems with payouts. However it does not look like the administration of the program promotes and advertises it a lot.

The website is DDoS protected, SSL encrypted and has a licensed script from GoldCoders which has lately become quite a decent one. The clients of have an option of seeing actual trading process of the company when they log in their account which is quite an interesting feature. I guess it is a good program for investing so make your choice.

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