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Our relationships with the project called HYCapitalFunds Company (hycapitalfunds.com) perhaps the most dramatic over the last six months

Our relationships with the project called HYCapitalFunds Company (hycapitalfunds.com) perhaps the most dramatic over the last six months. This relationship began 33 days ago with purchasing monitoring service and ordering large review and ended today. Unfortunately, these relationships can not be called successful for both the relations HYIP monitor/HYIP and online investor/HYIP. But we have a small consolation prize. We were right about the prospects of HYCapitalFunds and not allowed to deceive our readers.

Let's start with the most important. Today we have enough reasons to believe that HYCapitalFunds is NOT PAYING. Of course, I want to believe (and it's for my benefit) that the situation is temporary but everything suggests otherwise. A NOT PAYING status is even not only on the slowest monitors. A “Rating” page is completely missing (there is a redirect) at hycapitalfunds.com. As you remember, according to the terms of a large review. I personally made an additional deposit of $100. During the time of program's operating, I received 16 payments which is $32.16, meaning only 32% of my deposit. Detailed calculation and the conclusions will be published in a separate article, I just wanted to demonstrate that I definitely did not want HYCapitalFunds to close early even though the administration of this HYIP did everything possible for me to wish that.

The thing is that HYCapitalFunds was the first project that got our large review (which you can read here). As the result of this review HYCapitalFunds got only 57 points out of 100, as well as a share of criticism over the appearance of the site and its content.

Since a large review is a paid service, the administration of this HYIP did not expect anything else except an advertising publication which they got on blogs. The administrator assured us that a redesign of the site would be made in the nearest future and that real work is much more important than appearance. We agree with this and tried to wear off an impression of appearance. We did not concentrate our attention on suspicious "Business Incorportion Certificate" and some inconsistencies in the work. This project had indeed a significant set of positive features.

But it was not enough for Mr. Gerry Roberts (the admin). He was outraged. Of course, nobody expects to get an honest description of advantages and disadvantages. And I personally, consider it to be my mistake that content and a plan of the publication had not been talked over before publishing. But I do not agree that some "conditions" may influence the editorial policy. Does the concept of Due Dilligance not mean a close analyzing? Generally speaking, we had a conflict. Now that it's far in the past as well as HYCapitalFunds is gone we could remain silent, but we try to publish explicit material on the off-stage life of HYIP industry, so you better understand what's what.

As a result, HYCapitalFunds threw the banner of our review away and refused to communicate with us even though we sincerely offered them two things: firstly, they could change the design, as promised, and get an additional review. Secondly, they could change the content of the website and we were ready to give an advise on which information on the site to add. Strictly speaking, the mission of review is to look at a project from the outside. But Gerry Roberts does not understand it and therefore we didn't manage to cooperate.

By the way, I added 6 points in my review for administrator's promise. Over time, they produced some kind of a redesign,placed more text on the main page (as we recommended), but yet could not make anything decent regarding both website and HYIP. So those 6 points were too much. We were not mistaken by claiming that this project did not deserve more even with some conditions which were talked over. And we are glad that we did not deceive our readers even though we had to pay such price as losing a customer (who perhaps could come back in the face of other projects).

That's how our reviews probably did not become the most expensive or popular ones but almost accidentally became the most strict reviews in HYIP field.

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