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We are glad to present a new project on the pages of It is called Invest Platforms (

We are glad to present a new project on the pages of It is called Invest Platforms ( The admin of the project is a very responsible and friendly person, who has already sent out an official mail with all information about the project. Well, I suppose it is a good sign, when the administration of a project cares about current and potential investors! In this newsletter the admin informs us about both several crucial facts on how the company was created and the advantages that Invest Platforms can offer investors.

So let's start from the very beginning. The company existed many years ago and was involved in raw materials trading. In the recent years, though they have got involved in most of the different aspects of Land-banking. If you have been to either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi Capital City in Vietnam you should know that thats where the head office of the company is situated. The name of the registered company is "Asia One Assets co., Ltd". And thats what the representatives of the company state: More often than not, the current situation is always having to deal with reliability, punctuality, service and authentication. InvestPlatforms is very new in this trade of online investments, we might never even have the chance to set a right footing in this industry if we don't have any morals and values listed above.

Now lets get to the main features. The site is secured by VeriSign, equipped with an Extended Validation Pro SSL
(secured socket layering), which is a very specific kind of protection and it requires completing some procedures. For example, an audit by the state bank, Valid Business Registration, owners passport / Identity card (Business registered owner), an audit by the representative of VeriSign (in order to verify the above documents), registered office contact number and fax, a public letter from a notary or a lawyer with identity confirmation. So, by looking at this long list of documents we should understand that Invest Platforms is a legal company that has EV SSL certificate :)

The admin of the program has informed us that approximately in about 3 weeks they will renew the webpage but the site will not be offline. It will probably look fantastic, considering the fact that even the current webpage is very minimalistic, with beautifully animated design and with a unique script. There is also a Built-in DDoS protection which is better than a software analogue. The site is hosted on a dedicated server and is registered until 2013. I think that's enough about the company and project's features. Let's talk about the investment plans.

You are required to open an account at in order to make a deposit. While opening the account, the client acknowledges that he/she has reached the required age in conformity with the law of the country of his/her nationality. Every transaction is done manually on a separate system. The profit can be withdrawn only via that payment processor which was used for the investment. In both investment plans investor has an option to compound or to reinvest.

Gold Investment offers 1.2%-1.5% daily and 10% cash-back bonus. The profit is calculated on working days (business days) excluding weekends and public holidays. The minimum investment period is 120 calendar days and it is unlimited. The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum is $4,999.

Platinum Investment will bring you 1.6%-2.0% daily in case if you invest from $5,000 to no maximum limit and this plan also offers $500 bonus for the first 50 Platinum Account holders!

You may direct any questions concerning bonus program to the support center using a mail system. Invest Platforms also offers the referral commission of 5% per each deposit. You should choose between Liberty Reserve and Bank Wire in order to make a deposit but you should keep in mind that the minimum amount required to invest via Bank Wire is $4,000. Withdrawal requests are processed manually within 12 hours every day.

Well, we think that Investment Platforms is a very promising investment project and we wish prosperity to both investors and the administration of this program.

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