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Silent Inwolton has started releasing daily updates. And despite the fact that we do not like the way they respond to our letters (cause they...

Silent Inwolton has started releasing daily updates. And despite the fact that we do not like the way they respond to our letters (cause they responded only once to five sent messages), we should admit that these newsletters are brilliant. They are poetic, solid and business-like. Statistics is very clever and thought over. I have never seen such. It is very realistic.

So, all daily reports start with a quote. But it is not chosen by the admin randomly. The quote is chosen in order to express admin's thoughts on one or the other topic and then he explains what he wanted to say. Newsletters look more like a dairy or something like that and they definitely don't look like usual newsletters which we are used to. The next thing posted in report is company's statistics, then Inwolton's education and the last one is a joke.

I propose to see an example of the last daily report which was posted yesterday in order to understand the specifics of them. The report starts with a Kenyan proverb: "Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable"

Then the admin of says that he thinks that teamwork is very important because it is easier to reach an aim and he says that the team of Inwolton is a great one: they all are different but they have a common aim. That's what he says:

...The other important thing is that somebody can always motivate you to grow and will always lend his shoulder. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. Because it is way better to share every victory with your crewman.

We are also advised to watch a video on youtube which will better explain what the teamwork is: It is an Al Pacino's inspirational speech.

Then program's financial report for Saturday is presented. It is posted every day now, so you can track how statistics changes and how numbers increase or decrease, which is very convenient. Then there is a part with Inwolton's education. It is explained what a Pip is. So if you do not know what it is, you should definitely read about it. And the daily report ends with a very funny joke which you should also read :)

Well, that's a very interesting approach chosen by the administration of and they should not stop doing this interesting work.

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