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Matt Powell , the admin of EarnPlaza (earnplaza.com) has been sending out newsletters with news about his program quite constantly. We wrote about the...

Matt Powell, the admin of EarnPlaza (earnplaza.com) has been sending out newsletters with news about his program quite constantly. We wrote about the first two here: EarnPlaza Introduction And we have received two more since then.

So, we informed you about the promise of admin to add AlertPay as another option for making deposit and it has been really added and activated. Therefore there are three payment processors accepted by EarnPlaza and they are Libertyreserve, PerfectMoney and Alertpay. Another promise given by Matt was:

“ Yesterday I have recieved custom auto-withdrawal script witch one I have ordered some time ago, so Im going to test it in next few days and hopefully within next 3-4 days time we will enable auto-withdrawals. ”

He said so 6 days ago in his newsletter #3, so as you have noticed more that 4 days have passed but the information about instant withdrawals was not announced, therefore let’s keep waiting for new updates.

Another improvement from the admin is the addition of Live Support. From now on you can ask your questions using this service because the admin of EarnPlaza says that he is always glad to receive a feedback. Matt says that you are free to contact him at any time, so I felt free and contacted. Unfortunately, live chat does not work and I could not get in touch with him in such way. In the last newsletter which we received 3 days ago it was informed that EarnPlaza.com had been customized, Twitter was going to be added soon and a new support system would be implemented within the next couple days. Well, we hope this all will be really done soon. The icons with interviews and reviews were also added on the website.

EarnPlaza.com has been online for almost three weeks and has mostly paying statuses on HYIP monitors. It offers 3 investment plans: 110% after 5 days, 130% after 10 days and 160% after 15 days.

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