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I'm sure all of you are familiar with such project as EthanolB. The story of this project started in December 2009 and it was called BestEthanol ...

I'm sure all of you are familiar with such project as EthanolB. The story of this project started in December 2009 and it was called BestEthanol ( at that time. Then at some point of time it changed its name and became EthanolB (ethanolb). It offered one investment plan and its terms were paying Monday-Friday with a variable interest of 0.4%-2.0% until the total of 180% is obtained.

Then something started going wrong with profits and operating and the decision to turn a program into a private club was made by the administration of the program but this made a cash-flow even worse.

Therefore they decided to start a second version of EthanolB with a new offer. This time the project has the same name but its address is different (

The investment offer was changed because many investors had difficult time understanding why the interest was variable and how quickly they will reach a 180% point. I suppose, that was really confusing because every person wants to know some real numbers to understand how everything works. The administration of EthanolB received mails with such questions every day and this time decided to make the system easier for understanding:

This time we know we pay less at the end of the plan. Except everyone knows now, how much he gain daily. Best part everyone knows it takes only 50 days to receive your principal back. Additional 30 days to obtain the 60% surplus.

So,this time the daily profit is fixed and it is 2%, seven days a week. The investment term is 80 days and the required amount of money is $5-$50,000. Now you know for sure that you will break even in 50 days and will start making a pure profit after that. There is also a compounding option and it is 20% maximum. The deposit can be made via any of payment processors which were available in a previous version of the project which means via AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay. Bank transfers are also accepted.

And here is the promise made by the administration of EthanolB:

Our team was always approachable at no time missed a day of payments. This will not change in the new script, and the new ethanolB. Investors receive fewer money on the new plan, but much quicker.

Well, we hope the promise will be kept. Another promise is to pay out all old members promised 180% as quickly as possible. So, the situation with this project is quite interesting. It seems like Mario, the admin of EthanolB struggles a lot for his project to survive and it is nice that he decided to explain what went wrong. However, I don't know what to think. On the one hand, the program has been online for a long time paying out its clients, but on the other hand it is always better when decisions are consistent and the operating is steady and without problems.

It has not been proved that they are really involved in a real business because there are no documents proving so. Anyway, it is still online and Mario seems to be trying to bring it up to the new level. He has shown good results before and we hope he will not let down his investors who believe in him.

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